Cristina Jonsson


Cristina Jonsson
Title: Lecturer in Tourism
Department: MGMT
Discipline: Tourism and Hospitality
Qualifications: MSc. Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia

BSc (Hons) Griffith University, Gold Coast Australia and Oxford Brookes University,
Contact: Email:
Direct Line: 246-417-4485
Teaching Areas: Undergraduate Teachings
MGMT 3005 Attractions Development and Management
TOUR 2001 Caribbean Tourism
TOUR 2002 Transportation and Travel
TOUR 2003 Tourism Planning and Devlopment II
TOUR 3001 Sustainable Tourism
TOUR 3006 Independent Research Project (Supervision)

Graduate Teachings
TOUR 6090 Strategic Marketing for Tourism and Hospitality
TOUR 6130 Sport and Events Management
TOUR 6160 Sports Policy and Development
Biography: Originally from Sweden, Cristina is a Lecturer in Tourism Management with extensive knowledge and experience from planning, development and business management in the international tourism industry. She is well travelled and has worked and served as a consultant in both private and public sector organisations in different countries.This experience has given her an excellent understanding of tourism development, sustainability and related areas. While working as a regional tourism manager in Sweden she prepared and executed a tourism master plan for a municipal government, working in collaboration with government and other stakeholder groups. Cristina also managed and coordinated various projects ranging from sustainable tourism development to regional branding and marketing. She also worked in the tourism sector in Brazil as a regional tourism development planner. Additionally Cristina has worked on the development of a sport tourism strategy for Barbados in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism of Barbados and various local stakeholder groups. Her cultural familiarity along with mastering seven languages (English, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Danish and Norwegian) has been a great asset in all projects, research and collaborations, as well as translation and interpretation. Cristina's research interests include Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in tourism, Sports tourism, Medical/Health tourism, Second homes development, planning and impacts.
Research: Foreign direct investment in tourism
 Sport tourism
 Medical/health tourism
 International tourism
 Regional development, including foreign direct investment and policy-making
 Second homes development, planning and impacts
 Sustainable tourism development
 Pro-poor tourism
Publications: Jönsson, C. (2012). Book Review: Tourism and Poverty. Tourism Geographies. By Scheyvens, R. (2011), pp266, Routledge: New York, USD $95.00 (Hardback). ISBN:978-0-415-99675-4.

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Punnett, B., T., Ford, D., & Jönsson, C. (2009). ‘Culture’s Impact on Effective Leadership and Employee Motivation in Africa and the Diaspora: An Interactive Panel’. Eastern Academy of Management – International IAG - School of Business, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio (PUC-Rio) - Managing in a Global Economy XIII: Management Challenges for a New World.

Jönsson, C. (2009). ’Climate Change and its Impact on Barbados’ Beaches? 7th International Symposium on Tourism and Sustainability – Travel & Tourism in the Age of Climate Change: Robust Findings, Key Uncertainties, University of Brighton-UK.

Jönsson, C. (2008). ´ Overcoming Obstacles of Accommodation Shortage in Preparation for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007: Community Attitude to Barbados' Alternative Accommodation Initiative´. London Journal of Tourism, Sport and Creative Industries. Vo. 1, Ed. 2, Autumn, pp. 21-38.

Jönsson, C., & Devonish, D. (2008). ‘Does Nationality, Gender and Age Affect Travel Motivation? A Case of Visitors to Barbados’. Special issue of the Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing examining Geography and Marketing. December, 2008. 1 (2), pp. 398-408. Emerald Group Publishing.

Jönsson, C. & Devonish, D. (2007). ‘Preparing for Cricket World Cup 2007 – Resident’s attitudes to the Bed & Breakfast Initiative in Barbados`. International Journal of Event Management IJEMR, 3 (1), pp. 1-14. Available: 1/JonssonDevonish.pdf

Jönsson, C. (2005). ‘Tourism Marketing Basics’. In Blawatt, K. R. Marketing Basics for the Caribbean, Ian Randle Publishing: Kingston, pp. 417-443.

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Jönsson, C. (2000-2003). ‘The Tourism Newsletter’. pp. 6, Government of Sweden - Bengtsfors Municipality. Monthly tourism newsletter developer, editor and publisher.

Meirelles Filho, J. & Jönsson, C. et. al. (2002). ‘Environmental Educational Programme for the Brazilian Amazon – Amazoniape’. pp. 219, Brazilian Ecotourism Institute – Instituto Peabiru - Sao Paulo.

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Additional Information:  Member of organising committee, 2nd International Tourism Conference St. Augustine – Trinidad, Since January 2011
• Member of the development of the Cave Shepherd Tourism Research and Documentation Centre at UWI – Cave Hill. Since July, 2010

• Member of the Dean’s Committee - Faculty of Social Sciences, for Brazilian outreach. Network coordinator, interpreter and translator. January 2007 – July 2012.

• Member of organising committee and blind-reviewer. Department of Management Studies 3rd International Management Conference, Accra Beach Hotel Barbados, November 20-21, 2008

• Member of organising committee and blind-reviewer. Department of Management Studies 2nd International Management Conference, 2007

• Member of the programme development committee, MSc in Tourism Management, Department of Management Studies. May, 2005 – Aug 2006.

• Member of organising committee, blind-reviewer and tourism panel chair. Department of Management Studies 1st International Management Conference 2006. Amaryllis Beach Hotel Barbados.

Departmental Duties
Developer, the course ‘Sport Tourism’  (TOUR6155) for the MSc Tourism & Hospitality Management. 2012 - 2013.

Developer, the course ‘Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management’ (TOUR6090) for the MSc Tourism & Hospitality Management. 2005 – 2006.

Director - Linnaeus-Palme Exchange Programme Fully funded by SIDA. Student/Faculty Exchange Programme with Kristianstad University (HKR) in Sweden. 2009 – Present.

Co-ordinator – Campus Wide Disney International Academic Program This programme is in collaboration with Central Michigan University (CMU) and Disney World – Orlando. 2009 – 2012.

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