Dion Greenidge


Dion Greenidge
Title: Senior Lecturer in Management Studies
Department: MGMT
Discipline: Management
Additional Titles: Programme Coordinator, M.Sc. Management with Human Resources Management Specialisation
Qualifications: PhD - University of Nottingham

MSc Work and Organisational Psychology - University of Nottingham

BA Psychology (Hons) -The University of the West Indies
Contact: Email: dion.greenidge@cavehill.uwi.edu
Direct Line: 246-417-4255
Teaching Areas: Undergraduate Teachings
MGMT 2008 Organisational Behaviour
MGMT 3022 Organisational Development
MGMT 3061 Team Building and Management
MGMT 3017 Human Resources Management

Graduate Teachings
MGMT 6139 Leadership and Organisational Behaviour
HRNM 6900 Research Paper
HRNM 6990 Internship/Practicum
Research: Structure and measurement of personality; development of a taxonomy of job performance; development of a framework linking specific narrow personality measures and other individual differences measures  to  specific job performance criteria; the role of emotions at work; and Emotional labour its antecedents and consequences

Alleyne, P., Doherty, L., and Greenidge, D. (2006). Approaches to HRM in the Barbados Hotel Industry. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 18 (2),   94-109.

Alleyne, P., Doherty, L., and Greenidge, D. (2006). Human Resource Management and Performance in the Barbados Hotel Industry. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 25, 623-646.

Alleyne, P., Howard, M., and Greenidge, D. (2006). The Role of Audit Committees in Barbados. Corporate Governance: International Journal of Business in Society, 6 (5), 567-581.

Punnett, B.J., Greenidge, D., and Ramsey J (2007). Job Attitudes and Absenteeism: A Study in the English Speaking Caribbean. Journal of World Business, 42 (2), 214-227.

Punnett, B.J., Corbin, E., and Greenidge, D (2007). Assigned Goals and Tasks Performance in a Caribbean Context: Extending the Global Reach of a Tried and True Management Approach. International Journal of Emerging Markets, 2 (3), 215-235.

Ramsey, J., Punnett, B.J., and Greenidge, D. (2008). A Social Psychological Account of Absenteeism in Barbados. Human Resource Management Journal, 18 (2), 97-117.

Alleyne, P., Greenidge, D., Corbin, E., and Alleyne, P (2008). The Practice of HRM and SHRM in the Barbados Hotel Sector. Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality & Tourism, 7(2), 219-240.

Devonish, D., Alleyne, P., Cadogan-McClean, C., and Greenidge, D. (2009).An Empirical Study of Future Professionals Intensions to Engage in Unethical Business Practices. Journal of Academic Ethics, 7 (3), 159-173.

Devonish, D. & Greenidge, D. (2010). The Effect of Organizational Justice on Contextual Performance, Counterproductive Work Behaviors, and Task Performance: Investigating the Moderating Role of Ability-Based Emotional Intelligence.  The International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 18 (1), 75-86.

Alleyne, P. A., Alleyne, Persaud, N., Greenidge, D. (2010). Perceived Effectiveness of Fraud Detection Audit Procedures in a Stock and Warehousing Cycle in Barbados.  Managerial  Auditing  Journal, 25 (6), 553-568.

Alleyne, M., Alleyne P., and Greenidge, D. (2010). Life Satisfaction and Perceived Stress among Undergraduate College Students. Journal of Psychology in Africa, 20 (2), 291-298.

Lorde, T., Greenidge, D., & Devonish, D (2011). Local Residents’ Perceptions of the Impacts of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 on Barbados: Comparisons of Pre-and Post-Games. Journal of Tourism Management, 32, 349-356.  


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