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UNLEACH will work with members of the Management Subject Area Group (SAG) in the Department of Management Studies(DOMS) to develop detailed project proposals around the highlighted areas of research focus. There will be strategic relationships with leadership units and centres across the globe who have similar research agenda’s or who may want to join the research programme.
One of the key activities for the success of UNLEACH is access to funding other than UWI’s research fund. Hence, strategic relationships will be aimed at soliciting/accessing funding from potential authentic and authorized funding sources.


  1. To focus on developing the capacity for excellence in leadership particularly across the SIDS in the English-Speaking Caribbean, but with a global business context. 
  2. To conduct leadership research in private for-profit organisations.
  3. To develop and refine a model of harmony theory that is relevant to SIDS like those in the Caribbean.
  4. To create an agenda and produce quality research outputs that addresses the relationships between leadership, harmony in organizational systems, innovation and competitiveness.
  5. To produce quality research that is published in top rated journals of leadership, management and competitiveness.
The Unit for Leadership Competitiveness and Harmony has the responsibility for the coordination of the implementation of the MOU between DOMS and HRMAB. Please click here to view a draft of the MOU.

Dr. Akentoolove Corbin

Department of Management Studies
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