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Title: Understanding the Dimensions of Pro-Poor Tourism
Subject Area: Tourism and Hospitality Management
Author(s): Cristina Jönsson
Citation: Jönsson, C. (2012). Understanding the Dimensions of Pro-Poor Tourism: A review of: Tourism and Poverty. Tourism Geographies, 14(2), 356-358.
Abstract: This book sets out to give a comprehensive overview of tourism and poverty. Regina Sheyvens responds to the lack of studies and publications on the potential contribution of tourism to poverty alleviation and examines how tourism can uplift the well-being of the poor. The book is based on the author’s fundamental belief that the sustained presence of high levels of inequality and poverty in the world is an insult to humanity. The eight chapters of the book shed light on debates around tourism in developing countries and pay particular attention to the contribution of tourism to poverty. The author clarifies the complex, multidimensional phenomenon of poverty through a comprehensive discussion of tourism development and poverty alleviation.
Document Type: Paper
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