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Title: Life Satisfaction and Perceived Stress Among University Students in Barbados
Subject Area: Organisational Behaviour, Human Resource & Strategic Management
Author(s): Mary Alleyne, Philmore Alleyne, Dion Greenidge
Citation: Alleyne, M., Alleyne, P., & Greenidge, D. (2010). Life satisfaction and perceived stress among university students in barbados. Journal of Psychology in Africa, 20(2), 291-297.
Abstract: The study assessed life satisfaction and perceived stress among undergraduate university students in Barbados. Data were collected from 172 students using a self-report questionnaire. The analysis regressed life satisfaction and perceived stress measures on student demographics. Findings indicate that students were more satisfied with relationships, self-image and physical appearance, while they were dissatisfied with campus facilities, quality of teaching, financial security and job situation. The study also found that higher levels of perceived stress were associated with lower levels of satisfaction with life. The major predictors of students' life satisfaction were the living environment, campus facilities, and perceived stress.
Document Type: Paper
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