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Title: Branding: A Caribbean Perspective on Rum Manufacturing Competitiveness
Subject Area: Marketing, Entrepreneurship & International Business & Law
Author(s): Paul Pounder
Citation: Pounder, P. (2010). Branding: a Caribbean perspective on rum manufacturing competitiveness. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business,9 (4), 394-406.
Abstract: This paper seeks to increase the understanding of the competitiveness of Caribbean rum in international markets. The paper highlights the role that branding plays in the sector, especially as it relates to island brands. The study is a mix of qualitative information derived from primary and secondary sources and some quantitative data based on company reviews and statistics generated from secondary sources. The research suggests that academics and practitioners should acknowledge that branding is the key to the rum industry and provides a basis for extending market shares. Finally, the paper identifies some recommendations for the further development of the sector.
Document Type: Paper
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