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Leading and Transforming your Organisation with Data Analytics

Course Overview

Discover why analytics is not just a data scientist’s problem, but every leader’s problem, with the SCHSBM Executive Education’s Leading and Transforming your Organisation with Data Analytics. The rapid pace at which data is generated has placed significant pressure on organisations to capture this data and make informed decisions based on the insights derived from this data. This, along with the need to remain at the forefront of the competition, has forced organisations to employ analytics to drive strategic business decisions. However, more data does not equate to better outcomes. Rather, the way in which this data is used is critical to attaining meaningful data insights. Learn how good decisions are the result of careful planning, anticipating the complexity of real-world optimisation problems, and integrating your domain expertise with analytics.

Programme Goals

This programme will enable delegates to:
  • Enhance their understanding of data science and data analytics.
  • Judge what good analytics looks like.
  • Leverage analytics to solve complex business problems and make evidence-based decisions.
  • Drive business results using powerful data analytics tools.
  • Tell a persuasive story with data visualisation tools.
  • Integrate data driven decision-making in their role in the organisation.

Learning Objectives

On successful completion of the programme, delegates will be able to:
  • Distinguish good analytics from bad analytics.
  • Analyse data using statistical and data analytic tools and techniques
  • Analyse data trends and patterns to inform future business decisions.
  • Translate data-driven insights into actionable decisions.
  • Build a data driven culture in their organisation.
  • Implement a data driven decision-making process across their organisation.

Programme Content

  • DAY 1:
  • The Importance of Data Analytics in Business Decision-Making
  • Ways that Analytics Creates Value
  • Applications of Data Analytics in Business Decision-Making
  • Afternoon
  • Data Driven Decision-Making
    • The Process of Data driven Decision Making
    • Data Strategy and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Minimising Risk and Setting Realistic Goals Using Regression and Forecasting Models
    • Avoiding Common Decision Making Errors including Confirmation Bias
    • Leveraging Optimisations, Simulations, and Decision Analysis Techniques
  • The Data Analytics Lifecycle
  • Types of Data
  • DAY TWO:
  • Data Preparation and Cleaning
    • Hands-on Session
  • Types of Data Analytics and Statistical Concepts in an Applied Business Context
  • How to Distinguish Good Analytics from Bad Analytics
  • Afternoon
  • Descriptive Analytics in Action
    • Investigate topics including Maximum Likelihood Estimation, Outliers and Standard Deviations
    • Explore topics including Associations, Statistical Inferences and Linear Regression
  • Predictive Analytics: Tools for Decision Making
    • Journey into Predictive Analytics through Exploration of Multiple Regression, Nonlinear Regression, Forecasting, Classification Analysis, and Cluster Analysis
    • Hands-on Session
  • Afternoon
  • Prescriptive Analytics
    • Learn how to Analyse Data to make Informed Business Decisions using Linear Programming and how to Address Optimisation Problems using Excel Solver and Modeling
    • Simulation
  • Prescriptive Analytics cont’d
  • Afternoon
  • Data Visualisation: Empowering Organisations with Effective Business Insights
    • Data Visualisation for Decision Making
    • Data Visualisation Tools
    • Creating Different Graphs and Chart Types
  • Data Visualisation: Empowering Organisations with Effective Business Insights
    • How to Apply Effective Storytelling Techniques in a Business Context
  • Afternoon
  • How to Translate Data-Driven Insights into Actionable Business Decisions
  • Data Analytics Simulation: Strategic Decision Making

Who Should Attend

  • Mid- to Senior-level Executives and Managers seeking to improve their decision making
  • Directors, VPs
  • Business Analysts, Data Analysts
  • Business Leaders across different functions who drive or intend to drive analytics projects at their organisation
  • Managers across diverse business functions
  • Working professionals interested in using data and analytics to address business issues

At a Glance

Course Duration
April 17th – 21st, 2023

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 
5:00 - 7:00 pm AST


Certificate Awarded
Certificate of Completion


  • Early Bird: USD $1,650 (until 31st January 2023)
  • Regular: USD $2,000 USD 
  • Contact us for group and corporate rates
Payment plans are available. Contact us for more information. 

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