Graduate Programmes: MSc Business Analytics
The MSc. Business Analytics programme is designed to provide students with broad and in-depth training in all fundamental areas related to business analytics and big data analysis. This programme also provides students with knowledge of essential data mining concepts, and experience in using key analytical tools, technologies, and techniques for discovering interesting patterns from both structured and unstructured data.


The MSc. Business Analytics programme will equip graduates with the tools and analytical skills needed to engage in continuous exploration of past and current business trends in order to enhance future performance, and offer organisations new opportunities for a competitive advantage.

Upon completion of this programme, students will be strategically positioned for roles such as, brand  managers, business intelligence analysts, data analysts, management consultants, financial business analysts, portfolio risk managers, market research analysts,  web metrics managers, operations managers, and other careers in the related fields of data science and business analytics.


Programme Fee: $35,000 (US $17,500)
Plus ID Card Fee: $30 (US $15)
Plus UWI Registration Fees per semester: $530 (US $265)

Programme fee includes books, a laptop and materials.

Programme Fee and University Registration fees are subject to change.
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Duration: On a full-time basis the programme will be completed in 18 months. On a part-time basis, it can be completed over a maximum of four years.
Special Notes: Students who are adjudged to have an insufficient back ground in a quantitative discipline will be required to complete a preliminary year before the MSc Business Analytics programme can be pursued.

Classes are generally held Monday to Friday 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. , Saturdays between 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Classes are also held during the day in a modular format.
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