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Executive Education

Leadership and Business Immersion Programme for Latin American Executives

Programme Overview

This two-week Executive Immersion Programme is designed for experienced mid-to upper-level managers and executives. The emphasis is on equipping today’s business leaders with cutting-edge knowledge in business disciplines and in decision making skills to enable them to achieve their highest potential in their organisations. It is also a transformative learning experience designed to fit the time and language constraints of experienced Executives from diverse industries and countries who wish to advance their business acumen. In addition, the programme is designed for Business Executives who are desirous of improving their English language skills in a short period of time. This programme extends business content to the non-English speaking world through a multilingual experience. Delegates will be able to simultaneously explore a variety of business topics such as strategic leadership and decision making, multi-cultural negotiations, understanding trade within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), doing business in CARICOM and Latin America, and cross-cultural networking. It provides the opportunity for delegates to meet individuals from an expanded network of talented Executives from a variety of industries and countries.
This immersive experience also offers delegates the opportunity to learn and practise their English beyond the classroom, and into the real business environment. Moreover, this immersive experience enhances the academic coursework delivered in the classroom setting therefore enriching delegates’ learning experience in the business world. It will enable delegates to gain first-hand experience of global business practices and customs within which businesses operate, thus enabling them to increase their English fluency to a level sufficient for business and social conversations. In this way, the delegates will practise their skills through interaction with executive speakers, alumni engagement and through company visits, project-based exercises, networking events, and various cultural experiences.

The goals of the programme are to:
  • Facilitate delegates’ exploration of the practicalities of doing business, communicating and effectively operating in the host country.
  • Enable delegates to perform at a higher level in the English language and with greater confidence.
  • Improve delegates’ business acumen through cultural immersion.
  • Foster delegates’ development of a network of contacts in local government and business.

On successful completion of the programme, delegates will be able to:
  • Devise solutions to real business challenges for a diverse range of companies.
  • Present their business ideas to other executives and receive valuable feedback.
  • Practise through face-to-face conversations, simple English words and phrases used in common everyday contexts.
  • Use grammatical rules for effective writing.
  • Apply intercultural communication techniques in various professional scenarios through role play.
  • Apply linguistic knowledge to daily professional routines.

Programme Curriculum

  • Business
    • Strategic leadership and decision making
    • Taking your business across borders
    • Multi-cultural negotiations
    • Understanding trade within CARICOM
    • Cross-cultural networking
    • Doing business in CARICOM & Latin America
  • Language
    • Integrative approach to language skills development
             - Language Arts in written communication
             - Pronunciation training
             - Writing process
             - Listening comprehension
             - Conversational strategies
  • ​Cross-cultural linguistic negotiation
  • English Language skills, vocabulary, and grammatical structures useful for business
  • English for business communication
    • Writing emails, memos, letters
  • Cultural Immersion
    • Executives will be engaged in local and community activities to facilitate their use of the English Language in social conversations.
    • Executives will be exposed to networking opportunities within the public and private sector.
    • Professionals in various fields will deliver guest lectures and discussions in their area of expertise through seminars, roundtable discussions and simulations.


The assessment will not be weighted but will be based on a portfolio:

  • Delegates will build a portfolio to see their progression from the start of the programme to the end
  • Feedback will also be given on this portfolio

Details of the Immersion Programme

This immersion programme will give delegates the opportunity to:
  • Visit major companies and meet with senior managers
  • Interact with local business and government leaders
  • Visit historic venues and cultural events
  • Travel with and share ideas with fellow executives, faculty and staff

Who Should Attend
  • Experienced executives who want to advance or refresh their leadership capabilities and global perspective
  • Senior executives from small and mid-sized organizations around the world
  • Mid- to senior-level executives from large, multinational organizations
  • High-potential technical or business leaders who want to advance general business acumen or gain international experience
  • Executives from general management, finance and planning, engineering, business or product development, customer service, human resources, legal, marketing, and procurement

Accommodation for Executives
  • A list of hotel options and estimated costs will be provided for Executives to secure their own accommodation.

At a Glance

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Programme Duration
July 23rd - August 3rd, 2023

Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management,

Programme Fee

USD $5,800
(inclusive of transportation and meals)

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