Undergraduate Programmes: B.Sc. Political Science with Two Minors
Please note that this programme structure acts as a guideline, refer to your Undergraduate Handbook for official programme information.

Students should ensure that they select the necessary Level I prerequisite courses which would facilitate their chosen minors.  *Students taking the Economics minor must register for ECON 1005.

1.             SOCI 1001             Introduction to Social Research OR                            
                ECON 1003            Maths for Social Sciences I OR                              
                ECON 1004            Maths for Social Sciences II                                  
2.             SOCI 1005             Introductory Statistics for the Behavioural Sciences OR
      *ECON 1005          Introduction to Statistics           
3.             MGMT 1000           Introduction to Computers                                      
4.             One (1) of:
                FOUN 1006           Exposition for Academic Purposes OR                       
                FOUN 1008           An Introduction to Professional  Writing
5.             GOVT 1000            Introduction to Political Institutions and Analysis  
6.             GOVT 1011            Introduction to Caribbean Politics                          
7.            One (1) of:
                FOUN 1101            Caribbean Civilisation OR                                      
                FOUN 1201            Science, Medicine and Technology                         
8-10.        Three (3) approved electives which should be chosen to ensure
                that the pre-requisites for the minors in Levels II and III are met.
1.      GOVT 2010            Politics of Developing Nations
2.      GOVT 2014            Western Political Thought                                      
3.      GOVT 2015            Modern Political Thought
4.       GOVT 2016           Caribbean Political Philosophy
5.       GOVT 2024           Contemporary Political Democracy                        
6.       GOVT 2057           eGovernance for Small Island Developing States                                  
7.       GOVT 3015            International Politics and Political Economy     
8.       GOVT 3017            Caribbean Governance I                                         
9.        GOVT 3018            Caribbean Governance II     
10.      SOCI 2006             Qualitative Research Methods                    
11-20. Ten (10) Level II/III courses drawn from the declared minors.
             (Courses will only be allowed if their respective prerequisites have been met).


*Before selecting Levels II and III courses, students must ensure that they have completed the necessary Level I pre-requisite courses. 

(A) International Relations
*LEVEL I Prerequisites courses
INRL 1000              Introduction to International Relations
GOVT 1000            Introduction to Political Institutions and Analysis
GOVT 1011            Introduction to Caribbean Politics
GOVT 2047            Principles of Public International Law
GOVT 3014            Theories of International Politics
GOVT 3025            International Environmental Politics
GOVT 3049            Caribbean International Politics     
GOVT 3055            Theories and Practices of International Negotiations and Diplomacy 
Or any available Level II/III Political Science/History course.                              

(B) Management
*LEVEL I Prerequisite courses
MGMT 1001          Introduction to Management                                  
ACCT 1002            Introduction to Financial Accounting
ACCT 1003            Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting
MKTG 2001           Principles of Marketing
MGMT 2006          Management of Information Systems
MGMT 2008          Organizational Behaviour
MGMT 2023          Financial Management I
MGMT 3017          Human Resources Management  

(C) Spanish
*LEVEL I Prerequisite courses
SPAN 1001            Spanish Language 1A
SPAN 1002            Spanish Language IB
SPAN 2001            Spanish Language IIA
SPAN 2002            Spanish Language IIB
SPAN 2214            Hispanic Culture
SPAN 3502            Business Spanish I
Any approved level III Spanish Course

(D) French
*LEVEL I Prerequisite courses
FREN 1401             French Language 1A
FREN 1402             French Language 1B
FREN 2001             Advance French 1
FREN 2004             Advance French II
FREN 2214             Francophone Culture
FREN 3003             International Business French
Any approved Level III French Course

(E) Economics
*LEVEL I Prerequisite courses
ECON 1001            Introduction to Microeconomics
ECON 1002            Introduction to Macroeconomics
ECON 1003            Maths for Social Sciences I
ECON 2000            Intermediate Microeconomics I
ECON 2001            Intermediate Microeconomics II
ECON 2002            Intermediate Macroeconomics I
ECON 2003            Intermediate Macroeconomics II
Any Level II or III course in the Department of Economics                                                  

(F) Philosophy
*LEVEL I Prerequisite courses
PHIL 1002              Introduction to Ethics and Applied Ethics
PHIL 1003              Introduction to Philosophy OR
PHIL 1300              Critical Thinking and Informal Logic
GOVT 1000            Introduction to Political Institutions and Analysis
PHIL 2605              African Philosophy
PHIL 2901              Problems of Knowledge
PHIL 2003              Philosophy of Mind
GOVT 2014            Western Political Thought
PHIL 2200              Crime and Punishment: Issues in Legal Justice
EDPH 2016            Philosophy of Education
GOVT 2016            Caribbean Political Philosophy                                      
GOVT 3000            African Political Philosophy in Antiquity                            
PHIL 3520              Kant and Post-Kantians
PHIL 3901              Ethics II: Meta-Ethics
PHIL 3610              Frege, Husserl and their Progeny
PHIL 3804              Philosophy of Language
LITS 3304               Contemporary Critical Theory

G) History
*LEVEL I Prerequisite courses
HIST 1601              Atlantic World 1400-1600
HIST 1602              Atlantic World 1600-1800
HIST 1703              Introduction to History
HIST 2003              History of the West Indies I
HIST 2004              History of the West Indies II
HIST 2101              Latin American History 1810-1910
HIST 2202              Latin American History since 1910
HIST 2103              Latin America 1600-1870: From Colonialism to Neo-Colonialism
HIST 2201              History of the USA to 1865
HIST 2202              History of the USA since 1865
HIST 2301              History of Africa AD 1800 -1900
HIST 2302              History of Africa AD 1900
HIST 2401              Nineteenth Century Europe
HIST 2402              Twentieth Century Europe
HIST 2404              Fascism and Communism in Europe
HIST 2602              Imperialism since 1918
Or any available Level II History course.

HIST 3017              Spanish Caribbean 1810-1991
HIST 3103              Brazil in the 20TH Century
HIST 3202              Blacks in the USA 1820-1877
HIST 3301              Apartheid in South Africa
HIST 3304              Liberation in 20th Century Africa
HIST 3306              West African Economic History 1880-1960
HIST 3307              West African Political History since 1880
HIST 3406              Women in Europe since 1750
HIST 3405              Spanish Republic and Civil War
HIST 3312              Women in 20th Century Africa
HIST 3010              Protest and Popular Movements
HIST 3019              History of West Indies Cricket
HIST 3011              Barbados Business History
Or any available Level III History course.

(H) Cultural Studies

LEVEL I Prerequisite courses
CLTR 1100 Culture and Identity

CLTR 2500 Introduction to Caribbean Cultural Studies
And any two of the following courses:
CLTR 2000 Approaches to the Study of Culture
CLTR 2010 Global Media and Caribbean Culture
CLTR 2050 Aspects of Brazilian Culture II
CLTR 2100 Festivals, Rituals and Caribbean Society
CLTR 2401 Popular Culture and Consciousness in 20th Century South Africa
CLTR 2402 Caribbean Intellectual Traditions
CLTR 2405 Religion and Ritual in Contemporary Africa
LITS 2403 Caribbean Popular Culture I

CLTR 3100 Theorising Caribbean Culture
And one of the following courses:
CLTR 3102 Exhibiting Culture
CLTR 3101 Race, Nationalism and Culture
CLTR 3103 Black Popular Culture
CLTR 3110 The Sacred Arts of the Black Atlantic
CLTR 3500 Discourses in Cultural Studies
LITS 3405 Caribbean Popular Culture II
HIST 3302 South Africa: Cultural History


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