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Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Government, Sociology, Social Work & Psychology

Academic Staff

Kristina Hinds, Ph.D

Kristina Hinds, Ph.D

Head of Department

Senior Lecturer in Political Science

Department: GSSW


B.A. - International Development Studies  (St. Mary’s University.),
PGDip - University Teaching and Learning (University of the West Indies)
MA. - International Relations (University of Kent),
Ph.D. - International Relations (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Research Areas

In Progress:

  • Caribbean thoughts as International Relations theory
  • Caribbean white-collar crime and governance
  • Caribbean civil society and social media
  • Caribbean governance
  • Caribbean Civil Society Civil Society Organisations in governance
  • Women and gender in Caribbean politics and governance
  • Citizenship investor programmes in the Caribbean
  • Broad Caribbean international relations and international political economy

Select Publications

Hinds, Kristina. (2021). "Big Ideas from Small Places: Caribbean Thought for International Relations". In Acharya, Amitav; Deciancio, Melisa; Tussie, Diana (Eds.) Latin America in Global International Relations. New York & London; Routlege. pp. 67-88.

Hinds, Kristina (2020). "It's complicated: The Caribbean's relationship to white-collar crime". In Looney, Robert E. (Ed). Handbook of Caribbean Economies, London: Routeledge. pp. 126 - 139.

Armstrong, Louise Alison, and Hinds, Kristina. (2019). "Exploring Caribbean CSOs ' Web Presences. "Special Issue Demystifying Caribbean Civil Society. Journal of Eastern Caribbean Studies.  December, 2019. 44, no 3. pp. 35-53

Hinds, Kristina. (2019). Civil Society Organisations, Governance and the Caribbean Community. Cham: Palgrave
Hinds, Kristina, Stephen, Jeremy. “Fiscal crises in Barbados: comparing the early 1990s to the post-2008 crises.” In Andreas Antoniades and Ugo Panizza (Eds.) Global Debt Dynamics: Crises, Lessons, Governance. Third Worlds.  London: Routledge. Chapter 3.
Hinds, Kristina and Lorde, Troy. (2018). “Caribbean citizenship by investment programmes: Modern pirates of the Caribbean?” in Jackie West (Ed.). South America, Central America and the Caribbean 2019. Oxford: Routledge -Taylor and Francis Group, pp. 38-44.
Hinds Harrison, Kristina; Montoute, Annita. (2018). “Global Forces and the Continued Role of Caribbean Trade Unions as Political Actors?” Karagiannis, Nikolaos and Mohammed, Debbie A (Eds.). Caribbean Realities and Endogenous Sustainability. University of the West Indies Press. pp. 266-288
Hinds, Kristina and Lorde, Troy. (2017). "Economic Citizenship in the Caribbean: A Critical Analysis" in Jackie       West (Ed.). South America, Central America and the Caribbean 2018. Oxford: Routledge -Taylor and Francis Group, pp. 41-46.
Hinds, Kristina. (2016). ‘Decision-Making by Surprise: The Introduction of Tuition Fees for University      Education in Barbados.’ Jules, Tavis (Ed.). The Global Educational Policy Environment in the Fourth      Industrial Revolution. (Public Policy and Governance, Volume 26), Bingley, U.K.: Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.173 - 194.

Additional Info

Quantitative & Qualitative Research Skills:

  • Qualitative research methods: textual analysis
Consultancy work
  • Legal and Advocacy Support Training Support for CSOs for the Caribbean Media Corporation as part of the Conceptualisation Inc. team of consultants.
 Advocacy or Outreach efforts
  • 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence activity coordinator for the Department of Government, Sociology, Social Work and Psychology                                                    
  • Member of Adopt-a-School programme team of the Department of Government, Sociology, Social work and Psychology

Department of Government, Sociology, Social Work & Psychology
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