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Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Government, Sociology, Social Work & Psychology

Academic Staff

Emmanuel Adugu, Ph.D.

Emmanuel Adugu, Ph.D.

Lecturer in Sociology

Department: GSSW


Dr. Emmanuel Adugu is a certified research methodologist. Dr. Adugu has been involved in development research with reputable institutions such as Science and Technology Policy Research Institute, Ghana; Danish International Development Agency’s Community Water and Sanitation Project, Ghana; Global VSAT Forum, UK; and American Cancer Society. Prior to joining The University of the West Indies, Emmanuel taught at a number of Universities in the United States. His research and publication profile focus on: climate change in the context of sustainable development; automation/future of work and social trust; civic engagement; digital activism; and political consumption.


PhD, Ohio State University, USA

MA, Ohio University, USA, MPhil, University of Ghana, Legon
BSc (Honors). University of Ghana, Legon

Research Areas

1. In collaboration with World Values Survey President, Prof. Christian Welzel to conduct Values in Crisis Survey in the Caribbean. The survey aims to study people' values now during the corona-pandemic (wave 1), shortly after the pandemic ceases (wave 2) and in approximately 1 year from now (wave 3). Research themes are: social and political orientations, trust in institutions; crisis experience and perception; value orientations; and personality traits.  
2. Understanding social trust. This research examines the causes and consequences of social, political and international trust based on Wave 6 of the World Values Survey and Pew Research Center (USA), Spring 2015 Global Attitudes survey datasets. 

Teaching Areas

Survey Design & Analysis
Applied Statistics
Statistical Computing
Qualitative Research Methodology

Select Publications

  1. Adugu, E. (2020). Determinants of Support for Climate Change Efforts in the Global South. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 9(1), 455-468.
  2. Adugu, E. (2020). “Job automation, entrepreneurship, and the future of work”/ The future of SME marketing and operations: Critical change drivers”: In Nwankwo, S. & Gbadamosi, A. (Eds).Entrepreneurship Marketing: Principles and Practice of SME Marketing. Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group). Pp.259-374.
    1. DOI: 10.4324/9780429505461-22.
  3. Adugu, E. (2020). Antecedents of social trust in the Global South. Trust in Government Working Paper Series WP005. May 2020. University of Southampton and Harvard University. 
  4. Adugu, E. (2018). Young consumers' motivation and involvement: Uses and gratifications perspective. In A. Gbadamosi (Ed.), Young consumer behaviour: A research companion (p. 59–78). Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group.
  5. Adugu, E. & Broome, P. (2018)."Exploring Factors Associated with Digital and Conventional Political Participation in the Caribbean" International Journal of E-Politics (IJEP). Volume 9(2), 35-52.  

Additional Info

Research Interests:

  1. Climate change in the context of sustainable development;
  2. Automation, future of work and social trust;
  3. Ethical consumption/economic sociology;
  4. Digital activism, political engagement and social change;
  5. Public opinion data in decision making.  
Research Skills: Survey design and analysis..


Climate change, future of work, social trust, digital activism, political participation, political consumption, sustainable development, and survey research methodology.

Department of Government, Sociology, Social Work & Psychology
Telephone: (246) 417-4288/4293/4996 Fax:(246) 422-4425 Email: