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Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Government, Sociology, Social Work & Psychology

Research in Progress

Professor Cynthia Barrow-Giles

  • Challenges to Constitutional Fidelity in the Caribbean 
  • Electoral Law and Democratic Impulses
  • Judicialisation of Politics in the Caribbean and the visible crown in the Caribbean
  • Prominent Women in Caribbean Politics: Ongoing
  • Women’s Political Representation: Agenda Setting
  • Gender, Political Violations and Political Party Financing in the Commonwealth Caribbean: Ongoing.
  • General Elections and Voting in the Commonwealth Caribbean: Ongoing
  • Constitutional Reform in the Commonwealth Caribbean - Please see webpage for details.
  • Money and Politics in the Caribbean: Ongoing

Dr. Cheryl Cadogan-McClean

  • Psychocultural Factors Influencing Wellness
  • Communication Anxiety and Student Academic Stress
  • Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Caribbean Workplace Wellness Programmes
  • The Psychological Impact of COVID-19 on Women
  • Healthy Work Organization Project

Dr. Alana Griffith

  • Attitudes towards Irregular Migration to Trinidad by Venezuelans
  • Cannabis in CARICOM: Controversies, Challenges and Changing Drug Policy
  • A Duty to Pay Taxes: Social Responsibility & Failed Social Citizenship
  • In/security & Welfare in Haiti
  • No Market for the Older Worker: The Conundrum of 'Retirement' & Public Pension in CARICOM

Dr. Kristina Hinds

  • Caribbean Civil Society & Governance
  • Caribbean thought as international relations theorizing 
  • Voter behaviour in the Caribbean
  • Comparative research on civil society activism in the African Union and the Caribbean Union. This project included a research visit to African Union Headquarters in Ethiopia in December 2012 and employs computer based textual analysis.
  • Research on civil society use of social media and Web based technologies. Initial survey conducted 2011-2012.
Department of Government, Sociology, Social Work & Psychology
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