Judging from our recent and ongoing economic experiences we can anticipate that Academic Year 2014/15 will prove to be a challenging and difficult time for you, incoming students. This is not intended to jolt you into spasms of panic or regret, but to embolden you with a spirit of determination to survive and succeed in your coming journey despite the prevailing negative external environment. Particularly Barbadian students who for the first time in several decades will be shouldering the burden of tuition fees, but indeed all students, should see this as an opportunity to make an even greater personal commitment to learning, selfadvancement
and general excellence.

The Department of Government, Sociology and Social Work at Cave Hill, is pleased that you have made the decision to pursue your university education with us. We are aware that the options for university education in the Caribbean region, have increased significantly in recent years, and we are gladdened that you have chosen an education deeply grounded in Caribbean reality.

We assure you of our commitment to a rich UWI tradition of Caribbean research and self-discovery, intellectual engagement with our society, community and region, and the unending quest for knowledge building upon existing global discovery.

For your part, all we expect is that you strive for excellence, that you develop a genuine and unquenchable thirst for knowledge and learning, and that you allow yourselves to enjoy the UWI journey as deeply and richly as possible.

There are thousands of Caribbean people who testify that the UWI journey proved to be one of the most fulfilling of their lives, and the one that awakened their awareness of themselves as productive and positive Caribbean citizens.

It is my pleasure in welcoming you as you take your first steps in the fulfillment of that tradition.

Tennyson S.D. Joseph, Ph.D.
Head of Department