Department of Economics
UWI/UNCW Summer School

Message from the Head of Department

Head of Department: Professor Winston Moore

As a research-driven institution some of the UWI's core strategic goals include creating an enabling environment to support, foster and increase the output of high research and innovation with an emphasis on the Caribbean as well as enhancing graduate studies and increase postgraduate research output. Read more...


Summer School Information:

The University of the West Indies (UWI) in partnership with University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) is offering an opportunity of two (2) Summer Schools at each university. For more information click below:

  • At the University of the West Indies:
    Two (2) courses will be offered at the UWI, Cave Hill Campus. Read more...

  • At the University of North Carolina Wilmington:
    Students can choose two (2) courses from a variety of courses offered at UNCW. Read more...

Dr. Prosper Bangwayo-Skeete


Things I Need to Know:
  • What are the dates of the UNCW summer school programme?

              The UNCW summer school programme would be conducted from  June 25-July 26,2018.

  • How many credits would be allocated to each course?

               Three (3) credits are allocated to each course.

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