Please note that this programme structure acts as a guideline, refer to your Undergraduate Handbook for official programme information.

NOTE:   ECON 1004 (EC14B) Maths for Social Sciences II: Students with an inadequate    
                 background in Mathematics are strongly advised to complete ECON 1003 (EC14A)
                 Maths for Social Sciences I in Semester One or Two Before taking ECON 1004
                 (EC14B) Maths for Social Sciences II.  Students may take ECON 1004 (EC14B) IN 
                 level II of their programme.


ECON 1001  Introduction to Microeconomics
ECON 1002  Introduction to Macroeconomics
ECON 1005  Introduction to Statistics
ECON 1004  Maths for Social Sciences II
MGMT 1000 Introduction to Computers
MGMT 1001 Introduction to Management
ACCT 1002   Introduction to Financial Accounting
ACCT 1003   Introduction to Cost & Management Accounting

One of the following:
FOUN 1008   Rhetoric II: Special Purposes
FOUN 1001   English for Academic Purposes

One of the following:
FOUN 1101   Caribbean Civilisation
FOUN 1210   Science, Medicine and Technology


ECON 2000  Intermediate Micro-Econ I
ECON 2002  Intermediate Macro-Econ II
ECON 2001  Intermediate Micro-Econ II
ECON 2003  Intermediate Macro-Econ II
ECON 2025  Statistical Methods I
ECON 2026  Statistical Methods II
ECON 2029  Research Methods for Economists
ECON 3008  History of Economic Thought
ECON 3049  Econometrics I
MGMT 2008 Organisational Behaviour
MGMT 2020 Management in Government
MGMT 3017 Human Resources Management
MGMT 3073 Managing Development
MGMT 3056 Project Management

One (1) approved Level II/III elective from the Deaprtmet of Economics

Fifteen (15) approved Level II/III course credits with at least six (6) course credits from the Faculty of Social Sciences



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Duration: 3 years full time; 4 years  part time
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