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Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Economics

Student Testimonials

Learn more about student life, differences in academics, and get great advice on studying at The University of the West Indies.

O’shannon Vaughn Dorant

 Nathalie Arzu

Myka Payne

Postgraduate Testimonials

The Economics Department has certainly laid a strong foundation for me to confidently tackle complex tasks both academically and professionally.  This is due to the comprehensive course structure that the department offers which specifically catered to my development as an economics student.   The teaching methods and assignments pushed me to manage my time effectively, think critically and has also developed my problem-solving and research skills. 

The tutors and lecturers within the department are also very approachable and are always willing to assist wherever they can.  Not only that, but they are very knowledgeable in their area of work which makes the application and understanding of the material much easier. 

Being a student that obtained my economics degree from another university, I must admit that I was both surprised and impressed with the economic department at UWI Cavehill. The high standard of learning for me, took some adjusting. It initially proved to be a significant challenge for me, but with the guidance and support from the faculty and the accessibility and willingness of lecturers to assist, I can say that I have grown throughout the past year that I have been there completing my MSc. 

I would recommend UWI Cavehill to anyone with the ambition of becoming an economist. The department also has a stellar reputation within the Caribbean and will augur well for one's employability. It has really been a tremendous and enjoyable learning experience for me thus far.

My experience at the UWI-Cavehill Campus in the Economics Department has certainly been fulfilling. It has challenged me in ways I have never imagined. You are placed into a rigorous environment that not only keeps you up to speed with the current world of economics, but also facilitates a creative approach to learning. My research-based program has provided endless support and guidance, allowing me to find my niche area in the vast sphere of economic ideas. You are prepared with a sound background, ensuring seamless application to any further area of study.
   The Economics department has also provided me with opportunities I could have only dreamed of. They are interested in assisting students to reach their goals and are often instrumental in charting a path to reach them. I am grateful for my experience thus far and would thoroughly recommend anyone thinking of pursuing further study at this institution.



Through studying Economics my cognitive and mathematical skills have improved in a way that would not have occurred, that is at least for the latter had I not pursued a programme with a strong quantitative base like Economics. Economic thinking particularly Microeconomics serves as a part of the foundation for many business-oriented subjects as in Management and Accounting as well as many of the sub and related disciplines like International Trade and Finance. Having a better understanding of mathematics creates another means for you to express an idea. And may I mention it can be done faster and more precisely than prose.  These were skills that I had hoped to improve at some point in my life and through my studies in Economics I in part accomplished that.  It never ceases to amaze me how so much of what we observe in the physical and abstract world can be expressed using Mathematics. Some may be even so bold to say that a world without Mathematics is a grim world. 

Economics is a very broad degree that has many applications and areas of specialisation like Monetary Economics, Logistics, Finance, Environmental Economics, Transportation and Urban Economics. It is also an intellectually stimulating subject like Political Science, Philosophy or History. Take for example within the Department of Economics, History of Economic Thought, which exposes students to the evolution of Economic Thought from the Early Modern Period to Present within the Advanced and Developing World. It is perhaps the seminars, particularly the Brown Bag seminars hosted by the Department of Economics that was the most valuable. It was from attending the critiques of presenters at the seminars that I soon discovered, two Economists can disagree on whether a particular policy was good, yes based on dataset each uses and yes the methods used but more importantly on what particular variables, factors or considerations the policy is measured against. Without a doubt I would recommend this degree (Economics) to anyone who was considering taking it and even if they decided to pursue another degree, I would recommend they add Economics as a minor or take a few Economics courses.


My time at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus was engaging and conducive to my personal and professional development. I enrolled as a full-time student in the MSc Financial and Business Economics programme to further my knowledge of both economics and finance. The curriculum for the MSc degree in Financial and Business Economics positions students to becomes competent and innovative economists who can effect change in their home countries, the region, and the global environment.


Course assignments are practical, aligned with current issues and tied to desirable employment traits, allowing students to exercise problem-solving skills while assuring that we can apply the knowledge we acquire effectively. The research workshops hosted by the economics department also assist students in transitioning into academic research and aid in improving our writing skills.


As students of the Economics department, we have the benefit of learning from faculty with both field experience and impressive academic backgrounds. Faculty members are enthusiastic about research and are genuinely interested in providing students with the tools we need to perform as successful economists and researchers.  Lecturers are also very accommodating and maintain open communication with students. Overall, the MSc Financial and Business Economics programme has provided me with sound footing to move forward in my journey as a budding economist.


It has been a privilege to be a Master's student of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill. The lecturers were very knowledgeable and delivered their courses with great skill. They also challenged students to explore theories and empirical research  beyond the textbook.  Rich, meaningful discussions and useful assignments were conducive to this end.

The theoretical framework was brought to life with real world applications including evaluating theories in light of current affairs. Best of all,  we were encouraged to put the academic consensus to the test, checking to see if textbook approaches were appropriate to tackle 21st century issues. Such methods of teaching and learning helped to equip students to be better in their respective careers.
Another joy is the fact that lecturers were committed to students' success which was displayed through their willingness to engage with students beyond the classroom.  They were a source of tremendous help and made the journey less strenuous.