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Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Economics

Student Achievements

The Faculty of Social Sciences’ held their annual Student Recognition Ceremony for the Academic Year 2020/2021, via Zoom Conferencing, on Friday, October 22, 2021 at 4:00 p.m.The Department of Economics presented the following prizes:




Sir Arthur Lewis Memorial Prize for the most outstanding student graduating with a major in Economics.
(Awarded to Naresa McRwray-Williams)    


Wendell McClean Memorial Prize
 for the student who achieves the highest aggregate in Economic​ Theory in Level II examinations.
(Awarded to Darien Lalgee )    


Nicholas Landis.jpg

Llewyn Rock Memorial Prize
for the student obtaining the highest GPA in Level II of the BSc Economics (Special), BSc Economics with Specialisations, and BSc Economics (Major) programmes.
(Awarded to Nicholas Landis)


Charles M. Kennedy Prize (Cave Hill Campus Nominee) 
for the most outstanding student obtaining the highest aggregate in the Final Year examinations of the BSc. Economics degree. 
(Awarded to Naresa McRwray-Williams)    


Roland Craigwell Finance Award 
for the student obtaining the highest aggregate marks in Level II of the
BSc. Banking and Finance programme.
(Awarded  to Rochean Seaton)



The Graduate Award in Economics
for the graduate student in any programme offered by the Department of Economics obtaining the highest average grade in their coursework (at least a B+ average) and a minimum of a B+ in their final research paper. 
(Awarded to Lisa Brathwaite)