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Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Economics

Department of Economics' Mentorship Programme 2020-2021

During Semester 1, 2020-2021, some students sought the assistance of Ms. Teyonna Delice-Mayers, the Department of Economics’ representative on the Faculty of Social Sciences’ Student Committee, 2020-2021, as they found it difficult to grasp some of the mathematical concepts introduced in some economic courses. Ms. Delice-Mayers founded the mentorship programme and sought the approval to launch the programme from the Head, Department of Economics, Professor C. Justin Robinson. 
The programme entails mentors, who are/were students who completed and excelled at a given course and are now assisting other students who are attempting the course. The students who volunteered to be mentors for the courses: ECON 1003 - Mathematics for Social Sciences I and ECON 1004 – Mathematics for Social Sciences II are listed below.
  • Teyonna Delice-Mayers
  • Naresa McRwray-Williams
  • Kevelle Cooper
  • Jonathan Alleyne
  • Nicquon Nicholls
  • Keisha Blades-Nurse 
  • Gregory Bent
The programme will be primarily administered through WhatsApp and each mentor will be placed in a group chat with their mentees.  Mentees were chosen on a first-come, first-served basis.  The programme will run for the duration of the Semester II, 2020-2021, teaching period (12 weeks). At the end of the programme the mentors will receive virtual certificates to acknowledge their readiness to help their peers and the contribution they made to the learning experience offered by the Department of Economics.
Mentorship Recognition Ceremony
The Department of Economics hosted the inaugural Mentorship Recognition Ceremony to present virtual certificates to the mentors who participated in the Department’s Mentorship Programme, on Wednesday, April 14, 2021, at 2:00 p.m., via Zoom.

The small ceremony included those who were involved in the programme for Semester II, 2020-2021:
  • Professor C. Justin Robinson, Head, Department of Economics
  • Mrs. Michelle Grandison-Taylor, Administrative Assistant, Department of Economics
  • Ms. Teyonna Delice-Mayers, Founder and Manager of the Mentorship programme
  • Mr. Jonathan Alleyne, Mentor
  • Mr. Gregory Bent, Mentor
  • Mr. Ranako Bailey, Mentor
  • Mr. Niquon Nicholls, Mentor (Absent)
Below are screenshots of the Department’s Inaugural Mentorship Recognition Ceremony.
Receiving Certificates