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Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Economics

Passing of Sir Frank Alleyne

                        "Forever a Soc Sci Man"

1938 - 2023
Deputy Principal of The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus,Professor Winston Moore

There are two names that have always been associated with the Department of Economics at The University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus.  If one looks at the first Department Report published in 1973 you will see the names of these two stalwarts of the Department: the late Professor Frank Alleyne and the late Wendell McClean.  The research being conducted by the late Professor Alleyne at that time would still be relevant now: “A Dynamic Model of Agricultural Development in a Context of Integration”.
My path and that of the late Professor Alleyne did not cross while I was a student, only after I went on to a career at the Central Bank of Barbados.  Besides his sharp economic mind, there are two things I recall when thinking about Professor Alleyne, his affable personality and his propensity to always use his finger when making a point.  "You know Winston, you have to think about the spillover effects!" Finger pointed while making his case.  This was just his style and was not meant to intimidate in anyway at all.
Professor Alleyne and I worked together on the Barbados Green Economy Scoping Study together, and it was this project that allowed me to benefit from his insights and analysis.  As you would guess, he was responsible for the chapter on greening agriculture in Barbados.  I was very impressed by his ideas for the various industries within agriculture, many of these ideas being planned for implementation as I write this tribute. He noted that the growth of a vibrant green agricultural industry can lead to both economic growth within agriculture and most other aspects of the economy in Barbados.  The industry plays a critical role in relation to maintaining green spaces and the overall environment that visitors to the island expect of a tourist destination.  Indeed, this has been one of the reasons advanced for the continued support provided to the sugar (cane) industry.  The development of green agriculture, however, creates avenues for growth also in energy production and waste management.  To support this vision, however, a comprehensive and integrated green agriculture development plan was recommended.
In addition to his research on Agriculture, Professor Alleyne would have played a key role in the development of many of the professors and economists that passed through the Department of Economics.  Former students recall his encouragement and being "the reason why I am an economist today".  Some students also noted that he would ensure that they had something to eat and even invited them to his house when they were not sure where their next meal was coming from.  Ernie Banks is quoted as saying that the "True measure of a man is the lives he has touched".  If that is the case, one can say that Professor Alleyne was not only a great economist but also a great man.
Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor Troy Lorde
Sir Frank Alleyne: “Forever a ‘Soc Sci’ Man”
Professor Emeritus Sir Frank Walton Alleyne, KA, GCM, BA, MSc, PhD, Cert.Ed, joined the staff of the Institute of Social and Economic Research of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus at the level of Research Assistant in 1968.
For the Faculty of Social Sciences, Sir Frank’s legacy will be forever associated with events in 1975.  He is a founder of the Faculty, one of the now famous trio including the late Mr. Wendell McClean and Mrs. Cynthia Layne, who defied all odds in establishing what has become the largest faculty on the Cave Hill Campus.  Sir Frank was formerly Vice Dean and Dean of the Faculty, former head of the Department of Economics and acted as Principal on various occasions.  He was the consummate “Soc Sci” man and a fierce advocate of the Faculty, arguing strongly for it to receive its fair share of resources, up to his retirement in 2004.  Sir Frank was a teacher, mentor and leader to academics and students alike. He was also a devoted family to his wife and four daughters.
Sir Frank’s main research interests were agricultural policy, planning and social security.  His publication record includes two edited volumes of papers dealing with agricultural policy issues in the English-speaking Caribbean, a collection of essays that address issues of structural adjustment and implications for labour in the Caribbean, two monographs, one dealing with Agricultural Policy and the other with Planning, two readers, one dealing with project management and evaluation. Sir Frank was also a lead editor of a compilation of research studies pertaining to growth and development strategies for the Caribbean.  
Since his retirement from the University, Sir Frank continued to lend his economic expertise to the Government of Barbados and was a regular participant at the Faculty’s annual recognition ceremony, presenting the award in his name for the Best Student graduating with a major in Economics.
The Faculty of Social Sciences will miss him dearly.  May his soul rest in eternal peace.