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Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Economics


Mrs. Rhea Carrington

Mrs. Rhea Carrington

Stenographer Clerk I

Department: ECON


Mrs. Rhea Carrington joined the Department of Economics in 2009, on an internship programme and has been with the Department ever since.  Rhea, our Stenographer/Clerk I, is responsible for many of the administrative matters that ensures the Department is second to none.  She is responsible for the compilation of the annual Departmental Report, the timetabling of courses and the organization of the Faculty of Social Sciences’ Brown Bag Series, just to name a few. Rhea works closely with the Administrative Assistant on whatever projects the Department is involved in. Rhea holds a certificate in Administrative Management from the Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP). 


Certificate in Adminstrative Management (BIMAP)