Dr. Mahalia Jackman


Dr. Mahalia Jackman
Title: Lecturer in Economics
Department: ECON
Discipline: Economics
Qualifications: PhD in Applied Social Research – University of Manchester, UK
MSc in Economics and Econometrics (Distinction) – University of Southampton, UK
BSc Economics (First Class Hons) – University of the West Indies
Contact: Tel: 417-4272
Email: mahalia.jackman@cavehill.uwi.edu 
Fax: 1 (246) 438-9104

Teaching Areas: ECON 1005: Introduction to Statistics
ECON 3035: Economic Forecasting
ECON 3049: Econometrics I
Dr. Mahalia Jackman is currently a Lecturer in Economics, working predominantly in the area of quantitative methods.   Prior to joining UWI, she worked as a Senior Economist and was the Head of the Financial Unit in the Research and Economic Analysis Department of the Central Bank of Barbados. During her tenure at the Central Bank, Dr. Jackman published several papers on macroeconomic issues within the Caribbean in both regional and international journals. Since leaving the Central Bank, her research focus has shifted from applied macroeconomics to the areas of quantitative sociology and  socioeconomics. 
Dr. Mahalia Jackman has various research interests, most of which fall under the broad umbrellas of quantitative sociology and socioeconomics. She is particularly interested in using quantitative methods to investigate how various social, economic and cultural factors shape public opinions, attitudes and behaviours. Dr. Jackman's current work primarily focuses on the intersections between sexual morality, laws, religion and socio-economic development. She is also interested in the determinants of individual values, life satisfaction, gender role ideology and gender inequality. Much of her work (past and present) can be found via on the following links:

Google scholar 
Research gate 
“They called it the ‘abominable crime’: Heterosexual support for anti-gay laws in Barbados, Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago” Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 13(2): 130-141

“Protecting the fabric of society? Heterosexual views on the usefulness of the anti-gay laws in Barbados, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago” Culture, Health and Sexuality, 19(1): 91-106

“Understanding the cheating heart: What determines infidelity intentions?” Sexuality and Culture, 19(1): 72 – 84

“Does crime depend on the ‘state’ of economic misery?” (with T. Lorde, S. Naitram and S. Lowe). International Journal of Social Economics, 42(11): 1124-1134

“Why buy when we can pirate? The role of intentions and willingness to pay in predicting piracy behaviour.” (with T. Lorde). International Journal of Social Economics, 41(9): 801-819

“Wages, wage inequality and education: The case of a microstate with a ‘free education for all’ policy.” (with R. Bynoe). International Journal of Public Administration, 37(12): 866-874

“Output volatility and tourism specialization in small island developing states.”  Tourism Economics, 20(3): 527-544

“A Note on the Labor Market Effects of Remittances in Latin American and Caribbean Countries: Do Thresholds Exist?” The Developing Economies, 52(1): 52-67

“A note on the recent trends in aggregate household consumption expenditure in Barbados.” (with R. Bynoe). Journal of Public Sector Policy Analysis, 7: 92-106

“When the seasons change: Tourism Seasonality in Barbados” (with S. Howard) http://www.antilleseconomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/When-the-Seasons-Change3.pdf
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