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Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Economics


MSc Financial and Business Economics (Face-to-Face)

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About the Programme

The MSc Financial and Business Economics centers on economic theory and econometrics, but also engages with cutting-edge issues in finance and business.  It is designed to produce economists who can function effectively in both the public and private sectors.  The degree also equips students with the requisite theoretical and  empirical skills necessary to  further their studies at the PhD level.  

What Will I Study?

The programme consists of nine (9) core courses [three (3) credits each] covering the basic tools and techniques required by all economists. In addition, students are required to undertake three (3) electives [worth three (3) credits each] from an approved list, which allow students to tailor their learning to their interests or career plans. Electives can also be taken outside of the approved list only after consultation with the programme coordinator. The programme concludes with the submission of a research paper, which is worth nine (9) credits. Taken together, a total of forty-five (45) credits is needed to complete the degree.


The Department of Economics specialises in a wide range of research. Please click here for more details. 

Career Opportunities

  • Management Analyst
  • Financial Examiner
  • Budget Analyst
  • Personal Financial Advisor
  • Financial Analyst

Why Study in Barbados

The Department of Economics at The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, plays a key role in training the next generation of decision-makers. The Department’s teaching incorporates local, regional and international perspectives and has a global reach.  According to RePEc (Research Papers in Economics), the Department of Economics is ranked in the top 10% of Economic Institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Many former students in the Department have gone on to pursue careers in finance (e.g. commercial banks, international banks, finance companies), to name a few. Additionally, careers can also be found in industry, government and international financial institutions, (Inter-American Development Bank, Caribbean Development Bank, International Monetary Fund) among others.  As part of The UWI's effort to build our ideal graduate, The UWI provides an international learning experience for our students.

The excellent teaching we provide, coupled with our beautiful environment and our warm and friendly people, the Department of Economics at Cave Hill Campus, truly makes students consider us a home away from home.

At a Glance

  • Degree Level: Postgraduate
  • Qualification: MSc
  • Duration: Full time: 15 – 18 months; Part Time: 24 – 30 months


Programme Details

For more programme information please click here.

This is an University Grants Committee (UGC) funded programme. Please click here for details on fees and financing options.  

To be admitted into the programme, a candidate must possess a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent with at least Second Class Honours in Economics, Mathematics or related subject. Candidates are expected to possess a good working knowledge of economics, mathematics and econometrics, reflected by taking intermediate university-level courses in these areas.  Candidates that are judged to have an insufficient background may still qualify for entry into the programme, but will be required to complete some preliminary courses before certain postgraduate-level economics courses can be pursued.

To read more about research and publications. Please click here.