Message from the Head of Department
Decision makers in business, government and even at the household level use economics to help them make decisions. In business, questions related to location, efficiency, pricing, as well as research and development can all be enhanced through the use of economic techniques. Similarly, public decision-makers employ economists and economic techniques to identify policy options and make a choice between the alternatives. Individuals on the other hand, might want to evaluate whether or not it makes sense to pursue a graduate degree and may therefore employ economic tools to help inform their decision. Economists are therefore playing a leading role in helping firms and countries to enhance their performance and navigate the uncertainty of globalisation.

The Department of Economics at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, plays a key role in this regard by training the next generation of decision-makers. Many former students in the Department have gone on to pursue careers in finance (e.g. commercial banks, international banks, finance companies, to name a few), industry, government and international financial institutions (Inter-American Development Bank, Caribbean Development Bank, International Monetary Fund, among others). Feel free to discuss your career options with your lecturers and tutors at anytime. The University also offers a career counselling service as well. I am also proud of the Department’s research programme as well as its outreach to stakeholders in the Eastern Caribbean and further abroad. Through our working paper series we tackle issues that impact on the performance of business, the environment, and society. Our research is also disseminated in international journals and books, which are available through the University’s library.

It is my hope that you would take the opportunity to attend and participate in the Department’s panel discussion series, research seminars and training sessions that we offer to students and our wider community. It is truly an exciting time to be studying economics. It is my hope that your stay with us will be both productive and enjoyable.


Troy Lorde

Department of Economics
Telephone: (246) 417-4930/4279/4283 Fax: (246) 438-9104 E-mail: economics@cavehill.uwi.edu