M.Sc. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
The programme emphasises the practical and analytical aspects of logistics problems as well as the fundamentals of management science and supply chain management.  There is a need for logistics and supply chain analysts with good modelling skills, who can identify logistic and supply chain problems and provide solutions to them. This post-graduate degree has been designed to give students with the necessary quantitative background, the skills to apply their analytical abilities to solve and address these real world situations. Graduates from this programme will find employment in the import and export sectors, retailing and distribution, manufacturing, transportation, health care and government.

The M.Sc. degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is designed to:

•   Teach students how to implement a supply chain strategy within an organization and, at the same time              develop skills in forecasting, production planning, and service planning and scheduling;

•   Emphasise the use of analytical tools, information technology systems and computer programs as integral          parts of a successful supply chain strategy;

•   Ensure that students gain a good appreciation of client or customer buying behaviours in designing an               efficient and effective logistics operation.



PROGRAMME INFORMATION                                                                                       
Programme Level GRADUATE
Class of degree MASTERS
Entry Requirement and How to Apply
To qualify for entry to this programme, applicants should possess a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent with at least Second Class Honours. Non-degreed candidates, or candidates with Pass degrees who have other relevant qualifications and substantial experience, will be considered for entry on a case by case basis.

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Course of Study Students are required to gain 48 credits through successful completion of 10 compulsory and 2 elective courses (to be determined by the department) and a Research Paper. The courses are all worth 3 credits and the Research Paper carries 12 credits. Special workshops (not for credit) will be offered throughout the programme. 

Courses and Course Descriptions  (PDF)
Duration of Programme The programme can be completed in 18 months for full-time students and 30 months for part-time students. Classes run from September to August with the period of April to August devoted to the writing up of the Research Paper.
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Contact Details If you have questions about our Logistics and Supply Chain Management Programme, please email Dr. Troy Lorde or call 246-417-4277.

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