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Faculty of Medical Sciences

Mrs. Janneve Bell

Mrs. Janneve Bell

Medical Laboratory Technician

Preclinical and Health Sciences


Mrs. Janneve Bell serves as the dedicated Medical Laboratory Technician for the Bachelor of Health Sciences program within the esteemed Faculty of Medical Sciences, extending her expertise to the MBBS and BHND programs. With over six years of dedicated service as an academic laboratory technician,  Mrs. Bell plays a crucial role in ensuring the effective implementation of educational objectives and the efficient conduct of experiments during laboratory sessions.

In her dynamic role, Mrs. Bell collaborates closely with lecturers, providing essential support to enhance the overall educational experience for students across multiple programs. Her responsibilities include not only assisting in the planning and execution of laboratory activities but also working directly with students to explain complex experiments and demonstrate proper usage of equipment, fostering a safe and conducive learning environment.

Mrs. Bell's commitment to excellence extends to her administrative contributions. Actively engaged in the consultation process for continual laboratory improvement, she strives to elevate the standards of laboratory practices within the Faculty of Medical Sciences.

Prior to joining the Faculty in February 2017, Mrs. Bell garnered valuable experience in both academic and clinical industries across the island. . Since joining the Faculty, she has been a proactive contributor to the Laboratory Quality Management Systems, enhancing operational efficiency and maintaining quality standards.

Beyond her substantive role as a MLT, Mrs. Bell also serves as the Postgraduate Laboratory Coordinator for research in the Department of Preclinical and Health Sciences. In this additional capacity, she facilitates and coordinates laboratory activities tailored for postgraduate research endeavours. Simultaneously serving as Quality Officer 2 in the Quality Management system, Mrs. Bell remains committed to ensuring that the research laboratory operates in alignment with high-quality standards. Her dedication to continual improvement and adherence to best practices significantly contribute to the overall success and reputation of the Faculty's research initiatives.

Mrs. Bell's multifaceted contributions underscore her commitment to advancing both the quality standards and the educational landscape of the Faculty. Whether in the laboratory, the administrative sphere, or supporting students, Mrs. Janneve Bell exemplifies a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of medical laboratory technology.


  •  Associate Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology (Barbados Community College) 2011

Additional Info

Professional certifications:

  • BLS certified  
  • Phlebotomy trained
  • Psychological First Aid certified

Additional roles:

  • Postgraduate Laboratory Coordinator- Preclinical and Health Sciences 
  • Qualtiy Officer 2- Quality Management System 
  • Faculty Web Editor

Faculty of Medical Sciences
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