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Faculty of Medical Sciences

Dr. Michael H. Campbell

Dr. Michael H. Campbell

Deputy Dean of Research & Graduate Studies
Senior Lecturer in Behavioural Science/Clinical Psychology

Chair, Research Ethics Committee, Cave Hill Campus and Barbados Ministry of Health and Wellness

Clinical Sciences


Dr. Mike Campbell is an academic clinician with experience in hospital-based practice, crisis stabilisation, and natural disaster and climate response. Dr. Campbell supports the Caribbean Public Health Agency as vice chair of the CARPHA Research Ethics Committee with service on the Executive of the Caribbean Network of Research Ethics Committees and COVID-19 Expert Advisory Group. He is a member of the Disaster Mental Health Committee of the Caribbean Alliance of National Psychology Associations.   
He is past president of the Barbados Society of Psychology and a fellow of the American Psychological Association.



PhD (Counselling Psychology), University of Florida, 1998 
Doctoral Internship in Professional Psychology, University of Wyoming, 1997 
MS (Geography), Florida State University, 1993 
BA (Psychology/Latin American Studies), New College of Florida, 1991 
Registered Psychologist, Barbados  
Licensed Psychologist, Florida 
Chartered Psychologist, AFBPsS, UK

Research Areas

Dr. Campbell publishes in the areas of global health psychology, psychological measurement, and bioethics.  He collaborates with colleagues regionally and internationally to establish measures for clinical and research use in the Caribbean.  His interests are at the intersection of behavioural science and bioethics, including stigma and discrimination and research and clinical practice in resource-limited settings, particularly small island developing states.

Research in progress:
Barbados university student health survey
Needs assessment of households in St. Croix in the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Maria
Climate Cares Caribbean
Measuring Caribbean resilience

Teaching Areas

  • Psychiatry Postgraduate Programme (DM)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Family Medicine
  • Psychiatry Clinical Clerkship
  • Behavioural Medicine
  • Psychotherapy
  • Research Ethics


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  • D’Souza, D. C.*, Ganesh, S., Cortes, J., Campbell, M. H.#, & Emmanuel, M. K.# (2020). Characterizing psychosis-relevant behavior and cognition in a unique population with isolated, chronic, and very heavy cannabis exposure. Psychological Medicine, 50(14), 2452-2459. 
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Psychology, global health, bioethics, Caribbean

Faculty of Medical Sciences
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