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Dr. Madhuvanti Murphy
Dr. Madhuvanti Murphy
Titles: Lecturer in Public Health and Deputy Dean Research & Graduate Studies
Department: FMS
Discipline: None
Qualifications: BSc (Hons) MPH (Miami) DrPH (Columbia)
Contact: Email Address: 
Telephone Number: (246) 417-4691
Teaching Areas: Maddy co-coordinates and co-teaches the Qualitative Research Methods, Qualitative Data Analysis, Social and Behavioural Sciences and Health Promotion courses for the MPH programme. She also serves as the Coordinator of the MPH Research Projects (a requirement for fulfillment of the MPH degree), as well as the Coordinator of Admissions to the MPH programme. She also co-teaches courses to undergraduate students in the MBBS programme, and supervises both MPH & MBBS students conducting research.

Madhuvanti (Maddy) Murphy is the Coordinator of Graduate Programmes in Public Health and a Lecturer in Public Health at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of the West Indies (UWI), Cave Hill. She holds an MPH from the University of Miami, and a Doctorate in Public Health (Sociomedical Sciences) from Columbia University in New York City. She is currently involved in teaching, research and curriculum development, and since joining the UWI faculty full-time in 2011 has contributed to the development of the Master of Public Health Programme.

Dr Murphy is a past recipient of a National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH/NIDA) pre-doctoral fellowship, and has been a co-investigator on more than 10 research grants, including two R01 grants funded by the NIH while an Assistant Professor at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University. Her expertise as a qualitative researcher has led her to publish and present on a wide range of public health issues, including adolescent drug use prevention, breast cancer and social determinants of non-communicable diseases.

Research: Maddy's initial research interests were around teenage drug use and abuse, but her interests have expanded into international women's health. She has been the project director and co-investigator on two multi-site adolescent drug prevention trials funded by NIH/NIDA, as well as a co-investigator on grants focused on women's health sponsored by the Qatar National Research Fund and the American Cancer Society.
Publications: Selected Publications:

Murphy MM
, Verjee MA, Bener A, Gerber LM. The hopeless age? A qualitative exploration of the experience of menopause in Arab women in Qatar. Climacteric. 2013 [epub ahead of print].

Blinder VS, Murphy MM, Vahdat LT, Gold HT, de Melo-Martin I, Hayes MK, Scheff RJ, Chuang E, Moore A, Mazumdar M. Employment after a Breast Cancer Diagnosis: A Qualitative Study of Ethnically Diverse Urban Women. J Comm Health. 2012; 37(4):763-772.

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Brown CR, Hambleton IR, Sobers-Grannum N, Hercules SM, Alvarado M, Unwin N, Harris EN, Wilks R, MacLeish M, Sullivan L, Murphy MM; U.S. Caribbean Alliance for Health Disparities Research Group (USCAHDR).Social Determinants of Depression in the Caribbean: A Systematic Review Annals of Global Health , Volume 83 , Issue 1 , 73 - 74

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