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at Cave Hill, Barbados

Faculty of Medical Sciences

Undergraduate Programmes: Bachelor of Health Sciences

The Bachelor of Health Sciences programme trains and develops professionals, excluding physicians, to establish careers in health education, to deliver para-clinical services and to administrate and manage healthcare systems and facilities. The following concentration areas will be offered in the programme:
  1. Community Health
  2. Humanities/Biomedicine, Ethics & Society
  3. Healthcare Administration & Management
  4. Nutrition and Society
  5. Environmental Health
  6. Health Informatics

Programme Objectives

At the end of this programme, graduates will be able to:

  • Undertake research in the cross disciplinary health science fields.
  • Develop their own training in research targeted at applied and cross disciplinary health related niche specialties.
  • Administrate and manage healthcare facilities.
  • Deliver para-clinical services in healthcare facilities.
  • Perform quality control services for health related industries.
  • Function as scientific officers in health and environmental related agencies.

Entry Requirements

Applications are accepted from November to February of each year. However, expressions of interest are accepted ALL year. Entry requirements includes the successful completion of science related courses/subjects at the secondary level (CSEC/GCE O’Level and CAPE/GCE A’Level) or natural & applied sciences at the tertiary level. Mature individuals (> 21 years) are encouraged to apply and can matriculate. Special provisions are applied for these applicants.



There are 9 core biomedical courses approved by the Faculty of Medical Sciences which must be taken in each concentration.

These are:
  1. Structure & Function 1 – Cells & Tissues
  2. Heath Care Systems
  3. Introduction to Health Education Pedagogy
  4. Structure & Function 2 – Organ Systems
  5. Fundamentals of Nutrition
  6. Human Development & Behaviour
  7. Essential Pathophysiology
  8. Health Science Research
  9. Biological Principles of Prevention and Treatment

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Who should do this Programme

Persons opting to do this programme may:

  • Administrate and manage healthcare and related facilities.
  • Use science and technology to aid in medical diagnosis and treatment.
  • Work in health promotion and education at the community and national level.
  • Assist in the development of health policy.
  • Become members of institutional review boards(IRBs) and other ethics committees.
  • Establish a career in forensics.
  • Work as a public or an environmental health officer.
  • Specialise at the postgraduate level in any of the areas of concentration mentioned above.

Research & Faculty

The Faculty of Medical Sciences has an extensive research background in public health and epidemiology. Primary areas of focus are infectious diseases, child health and chronic non-communicable diseases. Read about our Research Projects »



During this programme, you will get a chance to enhance your learning experience by fully utilising our:

  • Preclinical teaching laboratories and our practical simulations.
  • Opportunities for enhanced practicum experience by parallel registration to related TVET NVQ and CVQ certification programmes.
  • Video Library in the Learning Resource Centre (LRC).
  • Other reference material in medical Library and the Sidney Martin Library.

Programme Incentives

We have also collaborated with the TVET Council in Barbados to offer jointly related National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) and Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) in related areas which would enhance the theory and practicum training experience in the programme.  The qualifications will be in the following areas:
  1. Taking Care of Older Adults (Level 2)
  2. Management (Levels 2 & 3)
  3. Occupational Safety and Health (Level 3)
  4. Business and Administration (Level 1)



Duration: Three (3) years for full-time registrants and (7) years for part-time registrants.

Tuition Cost:  The tuition fee is BDS $410.00 per credit and payments falls within the schedule established by the university. View Tuition and Finances »

Several scholarships and financial aid opportunities are available. Choose a payment plan that fits your education budget. View Tuition payment plans and options »

Programme Coordinator: If you have questions about our Health Sciences Programme, please email Dr. Damian Cohall, Programme Coordinator at or call 246-417-4701.
Special Notes: Mature applicants can matriculate into the programme with relevant work experiences along with subject requirements at the CXC/CSEC/GCE O’Level. Applicants with associate degrees may be considered for course exemptions.
Interested? Please complete our short Bachelor of Heath Sciences Interest / Enquiry Form to help us to ensure that the Bachelor of Health Sciences programme continues to meet prospective students' needs. You may also use this form to submit your contact details if you would like a UWI representative to contact you with further information.
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