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Faculty of Humanities and Education

Student Stories

Featured Testimonials

Jael Alexander


Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish with Management Studies and simply attending UWI was more than just an academic journey as it acted as a precursor to adulthood.... Read my Story »

Martha J. K. Marrast


Language, like any other aspect of human life, is worth our time. ... Read my Story »

Levon Alkins


I would recommend anyone to pursue a degree at this phenomenal institution, as it offers some of the best university programmes.... Read my Story »

Talea Bassett-Phillips


Boy, was it an experience!... Read my Story »

Michael "Mikey" Mercer


Ever thought that a psychology degree could make your entertainment career hit the right notes?... Read my Story »

Shareen Bowen


Despite the pandemic disrupting networking and interacting professionally with others, the online learning experience worked well for me, and I felt more in control of my learning.... Read my Story »