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Faculty of Humanities and Education

Student Stories

Featured Testimonials

Martha J. K. Marrast


Language, like any other aspect of human life, is worth our time. ... Read my Story »

Christopher Kirk Hurdle


Language is a means of survival...... Read my Story »

Michael "Mikey" Mercer


Ever thought that a psychology degree could make your entertainment career hit the right notes?... Read my Story »

Talea Bassett-Phillips


Boy, was it an experience!... Read my Story »

Voghn E. Tatem


I believe there are those of us out there that find pleasure in observing and taking note of how language is used. ... Read my Story »

Shane Burgin-Quashie


Linguistics is an underrated field simply because people don't take the time to appreciate language for what it is and for its contribution to the survival of humanity.... Read my Story »