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Faculty of Humanities and Education

Student Stories

Featured Testimonials

Levon Alkins


I would recommend anyone to pursue a degree at this phenomenal institution, as it offers some of the best university programmes.... Read my Story »

Martha J. K. Marrast


Language, like any other aspect of human life, is worth our time. ... Read my Story »

Lucia Murray


I feel really lucky to have shared space with such articulate and thoughtful minds, and in spite of the challenges arising from the nature of these courses of study, the pandemic, and my personal life... Read my Story »

Talea Bassett-Phillips


Boy, was it an experience!... Read my Story »

Jael Alexander


Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish with Management Studies and simply attending UWI was more than just an academic journey as it acted as a precursor to adulthood.... Read my Story »

Shareen Bowen


Despite the pandemic disrupting networking and interacting professionally with others, the online learning experience worked well for me, and I felt more in control of my learning.... Read my Story »