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Faculty of Humanities and Education

HUMN3099 Caribbean Studies

Final Year Research Paper - HUMN3099 Caribbean Studies

About HUMN3099 Caribbean Studies
In their FINAL year (i.e. the last, full academic year before graduating), undergraduates reading for the BA in one of the following areas, are required to investigate some topic relating to the Caribbean, and to report the results in the form of a paper:
  • French
  • History
  • Linguistics
  • Literatures in English
  • Spanish
This course carries six (6) credits and students must register for the course on CHOL in both semesters I and II.
Approved Thesis Substitutions:
The following may be substituted for the HUMN3099 thesis.
  • French or Spanish Majors - Students majoring in French/Spanish, who have maintained a B+ average or above in the level two language courses or a B+ average or better in one or more level three Translation courses in the relevant language, may submit a Translation, duly approved and supervised, in fulfillment of this requirement. For further details, please see the section on "Guidelines for Translations as a HUMN3099 Caribbean Studies Alternative" in the HUMN3099 Guidelines.
  • Literatures in English Majors - Students in Literatures in English may opt to substitute two of the following approved Level III courses within the same discipline for their HUMN3099 Caribbean Studies. 
 Alternatives for Literatures in English Students:
 LITS3304, LITS3501, LITS3502, LITS3601, LITS3602, LITS3603
IMPORTANT: Students taking approved alternatives should note that these two courses cannot be any one of the compulsory courses required for the Major.   Students taking approved alternatives should note that these cannot be counted within the nine credits (3 courses) of Level III courses required for the Major.
The alternative courses for Literatures in English MUST be done in the final year, one in semester I and one in semester II.  Students should  register for the courses on CHOL as normal plus indicate their intention to substitute the courses by writing to the Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Education, by the end of the second week in September.

Creative Writing Project:
Students in Literatures in English may opt to do a Creative Writing Project for their study. For further information on this, contact
Thesis Guidelines:
The HUMN3099 guidelines booklet includes important information on choosing your topic, regulations, format and presentation, important deadline dates etc. Download the Guidelines for the HUMN3099 Caribbean Studies. 
Steps to Registering for HUMN3099
Students taking HUMN3099 are normally required to register their topic in the semester (i.e.semester II) preceeding the year in which they will be registering for the course.
  1. Click here to complete and submit your topic and proposal online. This is to be submitted no later than August 31, 2023.
  2. Meet with Departmental Representatives - check your @mycavehill email, e-learning, or the departmental notice boards for the date and time of meeting. 
  3. Register your topic -  AFTER your topic has been approved at the Departmental level, you will be asked to submit the TRF-Thesis Registration Form (different from CHOL registration).  The form will be available online.
  4. The form should be returned via email to by the stipulated deadline.
  5. Take advantage of the summer break to make a head start on your paper.
  6. Register for the course on CHOL during the normal registration period (August-September). Note that you should also register for this course again in semester II (January-February). 
Post Registration
  • Keep checking the notice board or email for when you should collect your copy of the registration form from the Faculty Office (this will indicate who your supervisor/examiners is/are).
  • A list with the name of your supervisors will also be posted on the notice board outside the Departmental office. This will also be forwarded to your email.
  • The title (not topic) of your paper may be changed only with the expressed approval of your supervisor. This change must be noted and approved on your Faculty registration form.  The deadline for changing your title is September (see guidelines for date)
Please note that past studies awarded a grade of at least B+ (up to 2015) or A- (from 2016) are lodged, and may be accessed, in the Sidney Martin Library‚Äč.

Final year students are strongly advised to manually check their registration to ensure they are on track to complete all the courses required for award of their degree.  Please visit the Student Resources page and download and complete the Registration Aide relevant to your programme and year of entry. 

Downloadable Resources:
Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for HUMN3099.