Dr. Stacy Denny


Dr. Stacy Denny
Title: Lecturer in Linguistics and Coordinator, ESL Programme
Department: LLL
Discipline: Linguistics
Qualifications: BA (UWI), MPhil (Cambridge), EdD (Exeter)
Contact: Room: X15
Tel.: (246) 417-4463
Fax: (246) 424-0634
E-mail: stacy.denny@cavehill.uwi.edu
Teaching Areas:
Biography: Stacy Denny has been teaching at The University of the West Indies since August 2002. She is responsible for Applied Linguistics courses related to English language teaching and currently serves as Coordinator of the PDVSA TESOL programme which teaches English to employees of the state oil company of Venezuela.
Research: Teacher language proficiency, Barbadian dialect as a medium of instruction, language policy for the Caribbean, teaching strategies for the bidialectal classroom.
  • “ Fully facing facts: Teach the teachers then talk yuh talk”( 2007). La Torre 11 (46), 519-536.

  • “The ABCs of teacher language proficiency” (2010) in In a sea of Heterglossia: Pluri-lingualism, pluri-culturalism and pluri-identification in the Caribbean.
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