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Faculty of Humanities and Education

Department of History and Philosophy


Janielle Browne  (SaintVincentAndTheGrenadines)



Job Title: English Language Teacher at Bishop’s College Kingstown Secondary School
Qualifications: BA Literatures in English with History
Graduation Year: 2019

I say this without any jest- my most enjoyed aspect of UWI was definitely my lecturers. I am privileged to have experienced such brilliant minds, who ensured my comfort as a Vincentian in Barbados. I treasure my long philosophical conversations with Dr. Andrew Armstrong and Mr. Samuel Soyer. I enjoyed banter with Dr. Nicola Hunte and her giving me book suggestions for my leisure reading. Mr. Robert Leyshon who gifted me a book and impacted me greatly as a writer. Dr. Henderson Carter’s open-door policy always found me, and whatever friend I was travelling with, inside his office discussing anything and everything. Dr. Richard Clarke pushed me to apply for the Rhodes scholarship to attend Oxford (something I never thought I could have done) and I was shortlisted. Dr. Elaine Rocha who embraced me when I was having a hard day and Dr. Richard Goodridge who entertained my tomfoolery and relentless humour. Prof. Curwen Best indulged my curiosity and Dr. Debra Providence pushed me to do my best- always. Most people have parties to look back on, but my lecturers have truly changed my life. They always showed up for me, 200 words is not enough to express my gratitude.