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Faculty of Humanities and Education

Department of History and Philosophy


Dequan Rowe  (Barbados)



Job Title: Student
Qualifications: BA History
Graduation Year: 2018

My name is Dequan Rowe and I hold a BA in History graduating in 2018 with honours. I started at UWI Cave Hill in 2015 clueless about the discipline of history. Some of my first tutors were Dr. H. Carter and Dr. R. Goodridge. As I became more familiar with the Department of History and Philosophy everything was like second nature. The History and Philosophy Department has taught me how to be resilient, taught me responsibility and afforded me the opportunity to travel. I was fortunate to travel to Brazil with Dr. E. Rocha in 2016.  Pursuing a degree in history also made me think more outside the box and educated me in areas I was completely clueless about. Courses with Dr. T. Inniss, Dr. R. Worrell, Dr. H. Carter, Dr. R. Goodridge and Dr. E Rocha helped to strengthen my knowledge base and also opened my appetite for research.
If you want to be an independent thinker and be progressive, The Department of History and Philosophy is the place for you to be!