Prof. Pedro L. V. Welch


Prof. Pedro L. V. Welch
Title: Professor of Social and Medical History
Department: History
Discipline: History
Additional Titles: Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Education
Qualifications: BA., M.Sc., Cert. Ed. Admin., Ph.D
Contact: Room: A10 Tel.: (246) 417-4388/4395 Fax: (246) 424-0634 E-mail:
Teaching Areas: Political History and Medical History
Biography: Professor Pedro L V Welch is Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Education, and Professor of Social and Medical History in the Department of History and Philosophy at the UWI ( Cave Hill). He took up these posts after serving, firstly, as Programme Assistant to the Pro-Vice Chancellor – Academic Affairs and Sub-Warden, Sherlock Hall, then later as Assistant Registrar (Examinations), and Student Support Services Coordinator at the University of the West Indies Distance Education Centre (UWIDEC). Professor Welch is the recipient of the 2009 Principal’s Award for Excellence in the academic and administrative categories; an award as supervisor of one of the best Ph.D theses in academic year, 2009-2010; the award of alumnus of the month for November 2010, in recognition of the attainment of a professorship.
Research: History of enslavement in the New World; the Jewish diaspora in the New World, women in Caribbean slave societies; the history of medicine in the 19th and 20th century Caribbean; the history of the sugar industry in the Caribbean, kinship and family in Caribbean slave societies; fishing and other non-sugar occupations as alternatives to the estate labour market in post-emancipation socitieies.
  • “Red” and Black over White: Free Coloured Women in Pre-Emancipation Barbados (2000).
  • Slave Society in the City: Bridgetown, Barbados, 1680-1834 (2003).
  • Freedmen of Barbados: Notes for Genealogical and Family History Research (2007).
  • US-Caribbean Relations: the Grenada Invasion and Caribbean Political Decision-Making (2009).
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