Faculty and Staff

Dr. Rodney Worrell,   Temporary Lecturer in History

Ms. Roxanne Burton Ms. Roxanne Burton,   Temporary Assistant Lecturer in Philosophy

Dr. Henderson Carter Dr. Henderson Carter,   Lecturer in History

Prof. Alan Cobley Prof. Alan Cobley,   Professor of South African and Comparative History

Dr. Aviston Downes Dr. Aviston Downes,   Senior Lecturer in History

Dr. Richard Goodridge Dr. Richard Goodridge,   Senior Lecturer

Dr. Tara  Inniss Dr. Tara Inniss,   Lecturer in History

Prof. Frederick Ochieng'-Odhiambo Prof. Frederick Ochieng'-Odhiambo,   Professor of African Philosophic Sagacity

Dr. Sabrina Rampersad Dr. Sabrina Rampersad,   Lecturer in Archaeology

Dr. Elaine Rocha Dr. Elaine Rocha,   Lecturer in Latin American History

Prof Emeritus Alvin Thompson Prof Emeritus Alvin Thompson,   Retired

Prof. Pedro L. V. Welch Prof. Pedro L. V. Welch,   Professor of Social and Medical History


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