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Faculty of Humanities and Education

Department of History and Philosophy


Beyond the task of teaching and graduate supervision, faculty in the Department have consistently produced articles and monographs on subjects such as racism, gender, labour and business history, the AIDS Epidemic in the Caribbean, and Pan Africanism.

The Department's flagship publication: The Journal of Caribbean History (JCH) is a peer reviewed journal produced by the Departments of History, The University of the West Indies, and published by the University of the West Indies Press. The Journal of Caribbean History is published in June and December of each year. JCH is dedicated to the publishing of original, rigorous research papers of a high quality that addresses all aspects of Caribbean history in the mainland territories of North, Central and South America.

We invite you to view some of the publications of the members of the Department on their staff profiles »

Recent Publications

The latest publication, from the pen of Dr Rodney Worrell, is George Padmore’s Black Internationalism, published by the UWI Press in 2020. In George Padmore’s Black Internationalism, Rodney Worrell traces the main features of Padmore’s social and political thought… Worrell provides a sound and thorough account of Padmore’s strident anti-imperialism and radical anti-colonial critiques while simultaneously outlining his championing of self-determination. This engrossing work scrutinizes Padmore’s political praxis and illuminates his invaluable contribution to pan-Africanism and his dedication to the liberation of Africa and the Caribbean from colonial rule.

From Invitation to Deportation: 70 Years of the Windrush Generation – Selected Essays
, edited by Henderson Carter, is a new book on Barbados/UK migration from the late 1940s. The text, based on the Barbados Museum and Historical Society/ University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Department of History and Philosophy 2019 lecture series and one from the 2020 series, provides an in-depth and engaging examination of that UK migratory experience, commonly called ‘Windrush’. The 215-page book, published by the Barbados Museum and Historical Society and funded by a European Union grant, features articles on the reasons for migration, the experiences of the migrants in the UK, their return to Barbados, and the recent Windrush Scandal by scholars such as Sir Hilary Beckles, Professor Mary Chamberlain, Professor Alan Cobley, Dr Wycliffe Brathwaite, Mr Claude Graham, Mr Kenneth Walters, Rev Guy Hewitt and Dr Henderson Carter. It is elegantly introduced by Sir Trevor Carmichael, president of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society with incisive remarks from the Director, Ms Alissandra Cummins. Two poems by Ms Kelsia Kellman and suitably illustrated text and images between chapters make it a complete package for students, historians, sociologists and the general reader.

Profesor Cobley's Ann Gill: The Making of a Barbadian National Hero When the Government of Barbados formally adopted a list of ten names to be enshrined in a new pantheon of Barbadian national heroes on April 28, 1998, there was widespread excitement. Many felt that it marked a new era in the history of the country, and an important step in building the identity of the nation. Among the list of ten names was Ann Gill, a free woman of colour, who was celebrated for leading the struggle to defend Methodism and freedom of worship in Barbados between 1823 and 1825.  However, there was very little reliable factual information about her life. Numerous imaginative retellings of her story since 1998 have made it difficult to separate the myth from the reality. This pamphlet published by the Barbados Museum and Historical Society and the Department of History and Philosophy of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, in the series 'Re(w)riting History', revisits the story of Ann Gill to correct some of the errors and assumptions made about her, and to try to re-evaluate her contribution in the light of a growing and more nuanced understanding of her life and times. It seeks to identify the real Mrs Gill, and in so doing, assesses her place in the pantheon of Barbadian National Heroes. (On sale at the UWI Bookshop - BDS$20.00)