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Faculty of Humanities and Education

Department of History and Philosophy


Re(w)riting History Pamphlet Series

The Re(w)riting Pamphlet Series was conceptualised as a joint initiative between the Department of History and Philosophy and the Barbados Museum and Historical Society. It is meant to be an accessible, affordable, well researched, timely short publication (probably no more than 60 manuscript pages with notes/ references). It is meant to be a short reader that would be accessible for the public and especially students and teachers. 


  • Ann Gill: The Making of a Barbadian National Hero by Prof. Alan Cobley
  • Rewriting History - King JaJa of Opobo
  • Rewriting History - A Kind of Right to be Idle: Old Doll - Matriarch of Newton Plantation by Karl Watson
  • Bussa: The 1816 Barbados Revolution by Professor Sir Hilary Beckles

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