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Faculty of Humanities and Education

Department of History and Philosophy


Caribbean Heritage Network

The Caribbean Heritage Network (CHN) is a network of regional heritage professionals dedicated to safeguarding, preserving, and sharing the heritage of the Caribbean and its peoples. The mission of the CHN is to contribute to the strengthening of regional capacity to protect and promote the cultural heritage of the nations and peoples of the Caribbean.

The project is managed by Dr. Tara Inniss, with funding from the OAS. Dr Inniss is assisted by heritage students who make regular updates and additions to the site.

The network features heritage sites in 14 Caribbean territories, along with information on traditional arts and craft, festivals, museums, and academic programmes.
Executed by the Department of History and Philosophy, the project seeks to encourage research and public engagement in cultural heritage in the Caribbean. The network gives members access and links to events and funding opportunities. The Caribbean Heritage Network organised its inaugural conference entitled, “Caribbean Conversations in Conservation” from March 16-19, 2020 in Barbados. See more


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