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Faculty of Humanities and Education

Department of History and Philosophy


Minor in Biomedicine, Ethics and Society

About the Programme

Improve your scientific literacy, ethical decision-making, critical research and communication skills and make yourself an invaluable asset to employers and academic programmes worldwide.

Specialize in the practical application of scientific research and its impact on societies and take the 18-credit Minor in Biomedicine, Ethics and Society.  This interdisciplinary minor provides students from Humanities, Science & Technology, Social Sciences and Law with a solid foundation in understanding the history of biomedicine in our society, and the ethical issues that can arise in biomedical settings. It provides students with an opportunity to reflect on how societal developments have led to specific kinds of ethical concerns, and how different groups in society have been – and continue to be – affected by differential treatment in science and medicine.
Graduates who have pursued courses offered in the Minor may go on to post-graduate research programmes in scientific research, public health, policy, law, journalism, medical ethics, philosophy and the history of medicine.

What Will I Study?

At a Glance

  • Degree Level: Undergraduate
  • Qualification: BA
  • Duration: Minimum 3 Years


Programme Details

Minor Requirement
PHIL1002 Introduction to Ethics and Applied Ethics
Minor Requirement
HIST 2610 History of Medicine in the Caribbean, 1492 – Present
PHIL2200 Crime and Punishment – Issues in Legal Justice
PHIL2210 Human Nature and Good Life in Society
Minor Requirements
HIST 3033 Race, Gender and Medicine
PHIL 3120 Biomedical Ethics
HIST3030 The Evolution of Social Policy in Barbados
PHIL3110 Environmental Ethics
PHIL3500 Philosophy and Gender
SOWK3031 Bio-Psychosocial Challenges of HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean
Students may select any two (2) electives across Levels II and III for a total of six (6) credits.

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Applications are accepted from November to February. However, expressions of interest are accepted ALL year. Visit the Admissions website to view Entry Requirements »