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Cave Hill Philosophy SymposiumWhat makes philosophy different? It can seem self-absorbed, but it is a tool (like history and religious studies) for thinking about everything else, and every profession from law and medicine to motorcycle maintenance. It's also one of the most competitive disciplines. Philosophy majors also score highest among disciplines in verbal reasoning and analytical writing.

Philosophy is also institutionalized beyond academia in ways that history and literature are not, for example in bioethics programs in medical schools and organizations. In one survey, working conditions for philosophers outranked some other prestigious fields like aerospace engineering and astronomy.

Studying philosophy helps you:

  • analyse and construct sound arguments;
  • distinguish fine differences between views and find common ground;
  • present ideas convincingly through well-constructed, systematic arguments;
  • write clearly and persuasively;
  • generate ideas and come up with solutions to problems;
  • be open to new ideas and ways of thinking.

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