FOUN1101 Caribbean Civilisation
This course is not for students in the Faculty of Humanities and Education.

Coordinator: Dr. Cleve Scott
Tel: (246) 417-4403

This course is taught in both semesters as well as, where the need arises, during Summer School.

  • To develop an awareness of the main process of cultural development in Caribbean societies, highlighting the factors, the problematics and the creative output that have fed the emergence of Caribbean identities.
  • To develop a perception of the Caribbean as wider than island nations or linguistic blocs.
  • To stimulate students' interest in, and commitment to, Caribbean civilization and to further their self-determination.

All students are required to submit TWO (2) course work assignments:
  • A mid-term test which is 20% of the final mark
  • The second assignment is a 2000-word research essay which is 30% of the final mark.
There is a final examination which is 50% of the final mark.

Guidelines for the Research Paper:
  • The research essay must not exceed 2,000 words. Essays which exceed the limit will be penalized.
  • Students MUST cite and acknowledge ALL sources.
  • Footnotes/endnotes and bibliographies MUST be used and set out according to the MLA format.
  • Essays/Projects which show evidence of PLAGIARISM will receive NO MARKS.

Essay/Project grades will depend on:
  • a competent interpretation and development of the question;
  • a thorough knowledge and understanding of the relevant materials; independent research;
  • clarity of ideas and an adequate command of English language.

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