The MPhil Degree


1. Applicants must meet the general requirements for higher degrees as set out by the Regulations of the University, Faculty of Humanities and Education, and the Department of History and Philosophy, as approved by the Board for Graduate Studies and Research.

2. The minimum requirement for admission is normally a First or Upper Second Class Honours degree.

3. Applicants who do not satisfy these requirements, may in exceptional circumstances be admitted on passing a Qualifying Examination.

4. Candidates desirous of pursuing the PhD must first register for the MPhil degree.

All candidates for the MPhil. and PhD must complete a Common First Year. Students will be expected to audit courses covering historiography, methodology and theory. In addition, each candidate will be expected, with the guidance of the assigned Supervisor, to complete an extensive research proposal.


Candidates registered on a full-time basis will be expected to present their thesis in not less than four (4) semesters and not more than five (5) calendar years after registration. Candidates registered part-time will be expected to present their thesis in not less than six (6) semesters and not more than seven (7) calendar years after registration.


In addition to the satisfactory completion of the Common First Year, candidates must present a thesis of not more than 50,000 words (excluding notes and bibliography) on an approved topic. The Examiners may recommend the waiver of an Oral Examination.

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