Requirements for the Minor in African Studies

Level I

At least ONE course chosen from the following:
  • CLTR1501 African Cultural Traditions
  • CLTR1502 Rites of Passage in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • FREN1304 Caribbean and African Literature in French
  • HIST1302 African Civilisations from 1500 BC - 1000 AD
  • HIST1303 African Civilisations 1000 - 1800

Level II

At least THREE courses chosen from the following:
  • HUMN2301 Literature and the Colonial Encounter
  • CLTR2401 Popular Culture and Consciousness in 20th Century South Africa
  • HUMN2702 Women Writers from Africa and the Caribbean
  • FREN2301 African Literature in French I
  • FREN2302 African Literature in French II
  • GOVT2010 Politics of Developing Nations**
  • HIST2301 History of Africa AD1800 - 1900
  • HIST2302 History of Africa from AD 1900
  • PHIL2601 African Philosophy I
  • PHIL2602 African Philosophy II
  • THEO2404 Comparative Religion
** There is a Level I prerequisite for this course.

Level III

THREE (3) courses chosen from the following:
  • GOVT3000 African Political Philosophy in Antiquity
  • LITS3601 African Literature I
  • LITS3602 African Literature II
  • LITS3603 African Film
  • HIST3301 Apartheid in South Africa
  • HIST3302 South Africa: Cultural History
  • HIST3304  Liberation in 20th Century Africa
  • HIST3306  West African Economic History 1880 -1960 OR HIST3307 West African Political History since 1880
  • HIST3312 Women in 20th Century Africa
  • PHIL3801 African Diaspora Philosophy

HUMN3099 Caribbean Studies: Students taking the Minor in African Studies are encouraged to use the research paper to further their knowledge/awareness of economic, social, historical, political and/or cultural issues in Africa.

NB: Students should note that several courses offered at Level II and Level III have pre-requisites which must be completed at Level I. Information on pre-requisites can be obtained from the Faculty Handbook.

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