Departmental Prizes

The Department has established a number of prizes which are intended to reward excellence and to stimulate industry among students. These are the:
  1. Level I Prize for History
  2. Level II Prize for History
  3. Level III Prize for History
  4. Level I Prize for Philosophy
  5. Level II Prize for Philosophy
  6. Level III Prize for Philosophy

The Regulations governing the award of these prizes are as follows:
  • The Prizes will be awarded to the best student in each Level who reaches the required standard.

  • All candidates for Departmental Prizes should achieve 'A' standing in History (for History prizes) or Philosophy courses (for Philosophy prizes) in order to be eligible for awards.

  • The Prizes will be awarded to the best student in two or more designated History or Philosophy Courses.

  • Performances in HUMN3099 in History and PHIL3099 in Philosophy may count towards award of the Prize at Level III; but in all such cases candidates will be eligible for the award of the Prize only if they are registered for at least two (2) Level III History courses (for History prize) or Level III Philosophy courses (for Philosophy prize).

  • The Department of History and Philosophy will make recommendations for the award of the Prizes to Academic Board through the Board, Faculty of Humanities and Education.

  • The Prizes will consist of book vouchers of a value of at least two hundred and fifty dollars (BDS$250.00). These vouchers will normally be redeemed at the Campus Bookshop.

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