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Faculty of Humanities and Education

School of Education


View testimonials from past students who pursued undergraduate degrees in Education and Psychology.

Ronisha Alexander


I have been blessed with the privilege of meeting lecturers who are truly accommodating in every sense of the word and ultimately wish to see you succeed... Read my Story »

Phylicia Warner-Nolan


UWI has equipped me with not only the knowledge to excel in my teaching profession but also, the tools for fostering change with regards to regional education.... Read my Story »

Kenroy Birch


This journey has been inspiring, fun and stressful but all in all it has been a learning experience which I am very thankful for.... Read my Story »

Alicia Andrew


I found my lecturers to be very approachable.... Read my Story »

Nailah Farrell


It's one of the best decisions you could make for yourself! It was an affordable option for my parents, additionally, in doing my research I became found of the courses the BA Psychology had to offer.... Read my Story »

Aliah Ephraim


My lecturers were very supportive with school work and even went above and beyond to support me when life got a bit too much and for that I am forever grateful.... Read my Story »

Diandra Nicholas


Studying Psychology was the best decision I have made...... Read my Story »

Gabrielle Mayers


What I enjoyed most about UWI is learning, whether it was during lectures, tutorials or just talking to others outside of class.... Read my Story »

Kadijah Mark


The wide range of subjects that UWI offers also ensures that students are educated not only in their areas of expertise, but in various studies of interest, due to the provision of elective... Read my Story »

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