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Faculty of Humanities and Education

School of Education


Rico Bourne  (Barbados)



My two-year experience at UWI completing my masters was one of the most difficult but very rewarding. It was time consuming and challenging having to work and study. This called for many late nights and dedication but it was made easier having a colleague to work and have a laugh with when times got tough or I needed to vent. The lecturers provided excellent guidance along the way as a variety of assessment tools were used which tested our ability to be innovative. One such task required the composition a song, a task which I will long remember and was probably my most memorable moment at the institution.
UWI has helped me to expand my knowledge, giving me a firm foundation to catapult my career in Testing and Measurement education. These valuable lessons will be taken back to the classroom where I intend to be a guiding light for educators in the assessment of the youth of our nation.

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