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Faculty of Humanities and Education

School of Education


Danny M Butcher  (SaintLucia)



I believe my experience at the University of the West Indies could be summarized in the words Dr. Knight said to me at our last class, she said, “Danny I have seen your growth and would be happy to serve as a referee of character on your behalf.” Immediately, I knew what Dr. Knight was referring to; by the end of my studies I had a deeper understanding of education policy and reform. Also, I was more critical in my approach to gathering and examining information. Furthermore, my studies at UWI were authentic as I was challenged to use information disseminated in class to develop education structures in the Caribbean and the world.

As a student I had the pleasure of creating friendships and connections with like-minded educational thinkers who are well set to transform the social, political and economic climate of the region. Thus, UWI ensures a strong and vibrant interconnectedness with some of the world’s most brilliant thinkers. As such, in my estimation, the University of the West Indies is an educational system which encourages critical thinking, respect for humanity and the mastery of content, with the ultimate purpose of ensuring sustainable development.    

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