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Faculty of Humanities and Education

School of Education


Margaret A. C. Burke  (Barbados)



Job Title: Trained Graduate Teacher
Qualifications: M.Ed. (Science & Technology Education), UWI Cave Hill
Graduation Year: 2018


The University of the West Indies recognizing the relevance of Science and Technology in today’s society, created this area of specialiSation. Don’t get scared! The specialiSation in Science and Technology Education doesn’t involve spending classes in a lab learning about random and “boring” facts. It does include exploring the issues and challenges affecting science teaching and learning locally, in the Caribbean, and worldwide and also different methods of teaching science, apart from the “textbook laden” and lecture-filled methods used in the past.

Each lecturer used a different teaching style or different methods within their classroom which was very enjoyable as well as insightful. They didn’t just talk the talk, they put the methods into action. This allowed for exposure to teaching methods such as “flipping” the classroom, the use of debates, skits and many powerpoint presentations. This has proven to be beneficial not only to myself, now being powerpoint “savvy” but also has the potential to be beneficial for the students with whom I will interact while putting these methods to use.

Research is of great emphasis throughout the programme and persons are expected to be involved in research and to ask questions. It was slightly intimidating at first, trying to identify a topic for my project, given that I had no interest in research and everyone else had their topics and seemed to be moving forward. However, after many classes on qualitative and quantitative research, I learned that I do in fact enjoy asking the question why. I was able to find a topic for my project after one and a half years into my Masters degree, that satisfied my interests in science and teaching. I investigated "the views of nursery public school teachers on STEM teaching at the early childhood level".

This research proved to be very interesting and the findings have now put me on a different personal path from the one I thought I had before, which will actually include more research. However, it was not all unicorns and butterflies, as the experience of studying for the Master of Education was challenging and required qualities such as time management, organisation and volumes of self-motivation.

I have had a fantastic experience thoughout this Masters programme in Science and Technology Education particularly, I enjoyed the challenge and creativity associated with asking a question and determining how to answer it. In addition, I learnt more than I anticipated with respect to education and myself and I encourage anyone to consider it as their course of study.

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