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Adeola A. Matthew  (AntiguaAndBarbuda)



When I enrolled in the M.Ed. Language and Literacy programme at the UWI in 2015, I was a trained teacher with over fifteen years-experience in the secondary classroom. My goal was simply to become a better teacher of English; but I received much more!

The core courses of the programme were designed to explore a broad range of issues in language and literacy, yet they also allowed me to identify my niche area of interest – content area literacy. In addition, the delivery by lecturers was characterised by exceptional professional praxis that modelled what good classroom instruction looks like.

Having completed the programme and returning home, I am pleased with the improvements that I have been able to make in my classroom instruction - my students are more engaged and the teaching and learning process has become more efficient.

I have also had the privilege of sharing my knowledge and skills as a lecturer in the Department of Teacher Education at the Antigua State College and as a facilitator of workshops focused on helping teachers developing content literacy among primary and secondary school students. The programme also served as a melting pot of people from various territories which has allowed me to build a network of colleagues in the field from around the region and beyond.

As educators, we can only give as much as we have. I would encourage any educator who has a desire to improve his/her practice to explore the programme offering at the UWI Cave Hill School of Education. You might be surprised at how much of an impact it can have on your career.

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